February 14, 2014

A clever Valentine's Day stunt - dissected

Brit brand funnyhowflowersdothat knew quite well that many news sites look for cute Valentine's Day items and they jumped on it hard and found plenty of red warm heart suckers including us. The recipe? Create one cute flower box, theme it Valentine's Day, place in a location for a quick photo, make sure the Eiffel Tower is visible, and then led the image slip out. Action.  And that red box was likely there only for 20 minutes

Plus of course which Parisians would opt to order flowers in the UK no matter how cute the action is?  So no need to leave it there.  :-)

February 07, 2014

The social media honky phenom

There are a few different definitions for the slang term honky, but most folks are familiar with the  Wikipedia definition of "white men who would honk their car horns and wait for black prostitutes to come outside in urban areas in the early 1910s."  We are not sure if these white men were just too lazy to get out of their cars or felt embarrassed about being in that situation, but being lazy or embarrassed seems to now drive folks on social media channels to look for shortcuts too.  Instead of responding to that other person or re-tweeting an interesting update, it gets simply favored.  The same on LinkedIn where folks apparently can't spend the time to recommend or communicate otherwise with a person, so instead they just endorse.  And on Facebook would it be so hard to actually to leave a relevant comment versus just hitting the Like button?   So come on now, don't be a social media honky.