February 05, 2013

Don't fear the plumber

Customers are often afraid to encounter the plumber's crack and to make this sight a bit more attractive, German ad group Scholz & Friends apparently suggested the following t-shirt. It isn't hawking a real product or brand, but it is an amusing idea just the same. Of course that concept would work better with more stay at home dads.


  1. What a hilarious idea! But I still think it doesn't really get the plumber fear off clients' minds. Firstly, there are more stay-at-home wives as compared to husbands. Secondly, I am pretty sure a man's bottoms are not as smooth as a woman's chest. Thus, it might be even scarier for hairy plumbers. Lastly, I think what would definitely be a better idea is for the plumbing company to make it compulsory for all plumbers to wear boxer shorts inside their pants to avoid such unwanted incidences.

  2. Oh yes! The plumbers crack can be a dangerous situation! This is so funny, but so true too. If you ask me I would suggest that all plumbers, and other tradesmen, have to wear dungarees so no housewife has to encounter such a terrible image. Seriously though, most tradesmen are aware of the issues that arise when they bend down so boxer shorts are a practical option, and a more pleasant one.