November 29, 2012

European Microsoft Surface action

The streets of Paris were recently covered with various Microsoft Surface guerrilla marketing efforts. But Microsoft did not stay only on the streets, they also went below to the Metro.

Via: Streetplanneur

November 21, 2012

Pop Pop ....

Pop Pop Bang is an artistic interpretation of guns, girls and explosives - the theme of B movies. This though is not a marketing effort for B movies, but rather a very nice self promotional piece by artists Thomas Brown and Anna Burns. Although we are sure that is not what it is meant for. NSFW

November 16, 2012

An unexpected briefing

An Air New Zealand Hobbit inspired air safety briefing video has quickly become a viral video hit. It was added to youtube on October 31st and is now approaching 10,000,000 views. That is certainly not bad for a video we typically try to avoid. Plus who would not want to visit New Zealand now?

November 12, 2012

Yummy bacon Halloween treats

Rashers in Toronto, Canada is the "Home of the Hogtown Sandwich" according to their own slogan and for Halloween they came up with a nice treat for folks out for trick or treating. Crispy, salty double smoked bacon in typical Halloween wrappers. Very clever. Plus now Rashers is on our "must visit" list when visiting that part of Canada.

November 11, 2012

Burt's Bees

An interesting Burt's Bees billboard used thousands of coupons for a unique Before & After demonstration of the hydrating effects of the all-new Intense Hydration line.  As consumers snagged the coupons and hopefully put them to good use, the dry and flaky skin "magically" went away.