October 30, 2012

Tough fast glass

If you are not sure how tough and fast the glass of your business is you might want to call the folks at Glasjouren in Stockholm, Sweden and have that situation addressed.  The same is also true if you have just the slightest doubts about your security at home.  According to this nice spot the burglars may come in, but they won't leave apparently.  

October 26, 2012

Ikea 'playin'

'Playin' with your friends is a good thing whether you are a kid or an adult, and especially when it all takes place in fun rooms outfitted by Ikea.  The spot below is from Ikea UK and it is extremely well done, but enough with all this marketing stuff for now, we are off to go 'playin' with our friends.

October 22, 2012


A small steak house in Ekaterinburg, Russia used live cows to attract traffic to their place.  It isn't crazy or wild, but sometimes simple does it, and in this case, a cow in a bigger city might indeed be something outlandish.

October 01, 2012

Stop Motion Car Chase

Nitro Warriors is a very entertaining stop motion matchbox car chase filmed apparently completely on an iPhone.  Big kudos to Brenden Kent and Paul Greer of Vanguard Pictures for giving us 2.5 minutes of joy and a flashback to happy childhood moments.   We don't think this is a guerrilla marketing effort by Matchbox but it really should be.