April 30, 2012

+Giant Art Project

A big Art billboard in the West End neighborhood of Winston-Salem recently caught our eye and with a QR code below we quickly stumbled upon the Facebook page of the +Giant Art Project. The billboard is really art and not so much marketing, but to some degree it is of course a nice marketing effort for itself and of course The Variable agency associated with it, or better said - working attached to it.

April 24, 2012


You need indeed courage to Face the Boogie Man. In Winston-Salem, NC a cute little guerrilla marketing effort leads folks to the Cancer Services short film "Facing the Boogie Man." But you did not have to simply remember the link, there was also a QR code for smart phones.
Below is the video:

April 18, 2012

Key games

How much fun would it be if your key could open the doors of other cars and trouble wasn't awaiting you? That is kind of the premise of a Mercedes Benz guerrilla marketing stunt that allowed folks to open the doors to a Mercedes Viano with their own car key inside the Berlin underground station Friedrichstrasse.

April 16, 2012

Super tiny IKEA store

Although IKEA stores are known for their giant footprint stores, they just recently built the world smallest store inside a 300 x 250 pixel web banner. But don't you worry, it is all in there.

April 10, 2012

More McDonald's

It is very rare that we feature the same brand only a few days apart, but it has indeed happened now with McDonald's. We are not even sure where this reflective billboard is, but it is quite unique. Plus very few brands can afford a billboard that only works during the night.

Via Tim

April 06, 2012

Happy Easter

With Easter almost upon us we should not forget the importance of the Easter bunny. The Lindt Chocolatiers clearly are aware of the bunny and they are helping us all remember too. Time to bite off the head of a Gold Bunny. Happy Easter.

Via Kurt Staud

April 05, 2012

Ask and you shall receive...

If you are advertising your products or services to a specific community, and somehow end up on their e-mail list serve, be careful how you approach getting your email address removed from that group. Below is something that what was recently sent out on a list serve (with name of sender and community replaced with XXXXX) but otherwise the post is exactly as was sent, including all caps.


So basically that person wants the money from the community, but not those pesky emails. Interesting indeed, but not very clever. Well, there is a different way of approaching that specific situation versus sending out a blast email to all your potential clients. So listen and learn, be careful what you say to your clients.

April 03, 2012

How many Big Macs?

Wouldn't you like to know how much time you had for a snack while waiting for the next train? At the Warsaw Central Station a billboard shows waiting time in hamburgers, cokes and fries, well, how many of those you might manage to eat at McDonald's before your train departs. Rumor has it that it even considers train delays and the opening hours of the McDonald's so conveniently located in the train station.