March 28, 2012

Peter the elephant

With the Samsung Galaxy promoted to be in size somewhere between a phone and a tablet, it makes perfectly sense that an elephant might be able to play with it. Well, Peter the elephant is especially clever and word has it that no special effects were used to get this footage. Either way, it is very adorable.

Let us all pose with Peter.

March 26, 2012

Pizza, pizza

Red Tomato Dubai offers their most valuable customers a VIP Fridge Magnet,which is basically a call button that allows their customers to order a pizza with the push of a button. Preset to a "favorite" pizza based on order history, but that can be adjusted via the internet. Now where is my button from my local pizza joint?

March 23, 2012

We are Marshall

Often brands are told to stay close to what they are known for, but there are indeed some exceptions to that rule, especially when the core values and products are not impacted or partially ignored. Marshall refrigerators on the other hand almost falls in the category of a match made in heaven, or at the very least, a somewhat clever licensing deal.

Yup, Marshall

March 22, 2012

How far?

A very cool effort in Raleigh, NC named Walk Raleigh saw 27 signs pop up throughout town on a late night in January. The crew at City Fabric had created and mounted these signs to encourage folks to walk more. Digital directions could also be easily accessed through a QR code. The signs were eventually removed but will now go back up officially.

Via Heath Dotson

March 20, 2012

Inviting trouble

Some big Converse billboards on a construction site in Ehrenfeld, Germany were recently enhanced. Those kind of underground efforts usually aren't very flattering, but in this case it is quite attractive. But some folks think that using that kind of medium for an ad actually does invite trouble.

Via Stefan Sturz

March 16, 2012

Paris underwater

"5:46 am - Paris underwater" is the title of a stunning film by Vivien Balzi and Olivier Campagne of Artefactory Lab. It is quite scary to see a big city 3 feet under water, especially when said city over 100 miles away from the ocean. Guerrilla Marketing for a greener planet and awareness of rising ocean levels? At the very least it is a great self marketing piece for Artefactory lab.

Try to have a coffee and croissant there

March 13, 2012


This summer the Utah Museum of Fine Arts will feature an exhibit called "Speed: The Art of the Performance Automobile" and various antique racing cars will be featured. To drum up a bit of excitement and awareness for this exhibit, a very sexy campaign has been launched with some stunning photography.

March 05, 2012

Lost in translation

There are all kinds of options in terms of fluid replacement drinks and one of the most curious brand names in that arena is a Japanese beverage called Pocari Sweat. The slogan is along the lines of "when you sweat, you need Pocari Sweat." But would you want a drink that is called Sweat? And along those lines the brand name options for diarrhea prevention beverages are endless. But maybe something here is just lost in translation.