September 24, 2012

Guerrilla Marketing or Art

This is a pretty nice installation in Breslau, Poland but it is not clear if it is art or guerrilla marketing, or a bit of both. At the very least it is a nice marketing effort for the artist who created this project.

Via: Rudi Schmidt


  1. theres a banner on a building behind the statues with the same logo they have on their necks

  2. But were those bow ties added after the fact?

  3. It can definitely be called art, and it made quite an impression on me when I first saw them. The city is actually Wroclaw, and the statues were there in 2006 when I visited the city, so I'm guessing that they were maybe installed there in the 90's? There are some in other locations as well. I found this comment about the statues: "They [the statues] show various people either descending or ascending from the pavement, and is meant to honour citizens who disappeared during periods of martial law in the 1980s."

  4. Doru,
    Thank you so much for this follow-up and the details.

  5. The logo and the bow ties you are wondering about refer the following:

    It's a nice place to live anyway :-)