July 18, 2012

Allstate Mayhem

It is quite interesting that Allstate has this long running Mayhem campaign featuring actor Dean Winters and using that "you're in good hands with Allstate" tagline.

Sadly though Allstate Mayhem visited us on Sunday when one of their insured failed to see our parked 2012 Ford Flex and hit it, pushing it about a full car length down the road and up the sidewalk. 

It turned out that as previously stated that the driver had Allstate insurance and we were relieved.  Allstate indeed quickly jumped on the case on Monday, sent us a claim number, set up the repair and offered a rental vehicle for the period.  But today we were notified by agent Adam Rosales from a California office that the agent who handled it initially was wrong, and while the driver was indeed Allstate insured, he was driving someone else's car and thus the owner of the car is responsible not the driver's insurance.  So we were told to return the rental car or have my insurance pay for it, and that we should only proceed with the ($3000) repair if we were willing to cover it.  "Sorry Mr Krabel."

We argued that they should have to deal with their own mistake, and that "We're sorry Mr Krabel" won't cut it, but that fell on deaf ears. So I guess We are not in good hands with Allstate."

Update / July 19:  It appears that the owner also has Allstate so now we are back at "yes we will cover it."  Thanks, and thanks for the headache.

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  1. That is nice. Backing out of a promise.