May 22, 2012

QR code follow through

Guinness has an interesting new QR code effort that is featured on a pint glass. This QR code though is only visible when very dark beer is poured into the glass, and it is meant to be a guerrilla marketing social media super stunt. Apparently it tweets about your pint, updates your facebook status, checks you in via 4 square, downloads coupons and promotions, invites your friends to join, and even launches exclusive Guinness content, but now here comes the problem. When you actually scan in the code it is meant to take you to, but someone seems to have forgotten to handle this part of the deal, as now you go straight to which reminds you that this domain has been parked. Nice, well, just go drink your Guinness.

Not this way or that way.

UPDATE:  We just got word that the campaign is older and just got buzz now, so no buzz when it was live?  But if that is true, why not have people land on "sorry this promotion has expired."  Either way, it is FAIL.

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