April 24, 2012


You need indeed courage to Face the Boogie Man. In Winston-Salem, NC a cute little guerrilla marketing effort leads folks to the Cancer Services short film "Facing the Boogie Man." But you did not have to simply remember the link, there was also a QR code for smart phones.
Below is the video:


  1. We hope everyone walking on 4th and Trade city streets in Winston-Salem check out the ribbons in the trees! This month was proclaimed by the president as National Cancer Control Month. Cancer control efforts: 1) encourage healthy lifestyles, 2) promote cancer screening, 3) increase access to quality cancer care, and 4) improve quality of life for cancer survivors. Thanks for the visibility, H!

  2. I love seeing non-profits and cause campaigns taking advantage of low-cost guerrilla marketing, especially when they do such a great job!

    Even if Coca-Cola isn't quite as altruistic of a company as the Cancer Services, I saw that they were doing something altruistic with guerilla marketing as well recently with their hug for a coke campaign