December 29, 2011

We Cover Everything

Sipes paint is everywhere in the Arab World but despite that market dominance people somehow hardly notice. To make people more aware of the Sipes brand huge paint swatches were set up all over Amman for a nice in-your-face guerrilla marketing effort. It indeed appears that Sipes covers everything.

December 21, 2011

Walking Dead

When the dead folks are walking towards you it is best to start running the other way. But in Norway folks decided to come a bit closer instead to tear off some of their body parts. Well, from a poster that is. Very nice guerrilla marketing work.

Via: AdsOfTheWorld

December 19, 2011


While at a quick glance this might look like a clever guerrilla marketing effort for a cigarette brand or the tobacco industry itself, this is actually very cool street art found in Germany. And if anything, this will most likely encourage you to stop smoking.

December 14, 2011

Get wet in Copenhagen

If you recently drove through Copenhagen and slammed on your brakes panicked you might drive into a pool, then you came across a guerrilla marketing effort for one of the few hotels with a pool there. Of course if you could read Danish then you would have realized ”HOTEL POOL. THE FIRST ON YOUR RIGHT”.

Blog spammers

It is not very clever to spam this blog with silly guerrilla marketing comments. You are lucky we are feeling a good vibe and only have deleted this crap versus reporting you as spammers. Now move along.

December 05, 2011

Going to the wolves

Wolves from the randomly appearing Dakov circus (hmmm, Dakov rearranged spells Vodka) escaped in London we were told, and they apparently caused a bit of stress. But the folks featured in the Eristoff Vodka guerrilla marketing clip all seem a bit posed / acting. And not very well.

December 02, 2011

Solving Facebook for B2B

Facebook seems so simple that many brands venture into that world without too much thought. Eloqua, JESS3 and BrandGlue just published a nice presentation on how to solve Facebook for business to business. Unless of course you are not interested in having your Facebook audience grow.

Via: ShiftComm