November 30, 2011

Landrover Defender ramp stunt

If you want to show folks that their SUV is really not worthy it might be not a bad idea to show the prowess of a real sports utility vehicle like the Landrover Defender. Of course good driving skills are greatly appreciated too in a situation like this.

November 29, 2011

Looks fast even parked

With this cool guerrilla marketing stunt in Toronto, Canada it is quite clear that the Mercedes Benz C-350 Coupe is wicked fast with is 302 HP engine and 19/28 mpg fuel consumption. After all, it looks fast even when parked. But of course so would any other car parked in that spot.


November 24, 2011

Angry Birds live

With Angry Birds being such a popular app and game it is no surprise that these cute characters will make their way into some guerrilla marketing efforts. T-Mobile brought the game into a big plaza, and we assume it was in Europe, and let pedestrians play the game "live." Very engaging indeed and fun to watch. But why do we think it was in Europe? Not too many fat folks in the audience.

November 15, 2011

Hot Pockets

The folks at Nestle must be giddy when they see fun stuff like this. But this is not a marketing effort but World's Best Flyers Making Fun of Other Flyers. That though still does not answer the question as to who stole / ate that Hot Pocket?


November 10, 2011

Shoes or Apparel?

When we saw this ad for American Apparel we were not sure if it is a marketing effort for apparel. But some of you may wonder "What shoes? What apparel?" One thing is for sure, American Apparel likes to walk that fine line.

November 02, 2011

Síminn & Wonwei

Icelandic telecommunication company Síminn and media arts Wonwei collaborated on an interactive installation at the Reykjavik Art Museum during the 2011 Iceland Airwaves Music Festival. Go have a look.