August 31, 2011

First Love

To promote "First Love," a branded content website which presents Israeli teenagers' love stories, the crew at McCann Erickson turned the URL address bar into new media, using it to present short love letters which in turn led viewers to the "First Love" website simply by pressing enter.

August 26, 2011

Sponsorship applied differently

Giant Bicycles sponsors professional cyclists and elite amateurs to various degrees just like most bike brands do, but now Giant is reaching out to everyday riders with their Real Riders Sponsorship program. If you personally don't qualify for some reason, you will most likely know a few folks who do.

August 22, 2011

Watch out for those eyes

The Alliance Theatre in Atlanta and Trees Atlanta worked together on a guerrilla marketing campaign to promote Alliance’s new production "Into the Woods." Large trees were fitted with giant eyes, and a small QR code in the pupil of the eyes leads to the "Into the Woods" page and trailer, when folks point their smartphone scanners at it. "Into the Woods" is a musical twist on some fairytale classics.

August 17, 2011

Smart shoe horn

With a Smart car you can most certainly get into small spaces, but to make this a bit more obvious Smart Canada used shoe horns attached to the car. This guerrilla marketing effort is a bit older now but certainly still makes a lot of sense today.

August 10, 2011

Beware of the fan

Arno Power Silence fans seemingly have incredible strength and thus the company warns folks to beware of the wind. Very nice and relatively simple guerrilla marketing effort out of Brazil. But what happens to folks who walk in between the fan and car?

August 05, 2011

Ice cold indeed

It seems the marketing crew of McDonald's in Canada is a few steps ahead of the USA marketing counterparts. Well, at least it appears they are really pushing a bunch of non conventional ideas. In one guerrilla marketing stunt in Alberta they gave away 4,000 Canadian dollar coins to celebrate Dollar Drink Days, but eager "gold diggers" had to get your fingers cold to get those coins. Very nice stunt!

August 02, 2011

Mac 'n' Cheese

When we first stumbled upon Mac'n'Cheese we thought this was going to be a clever marketing clip for a macaroni and cheese dish, but it turns out this is really just a nicely done student film project from the Utrecht School of Arts. But as you can gather, we like it anyway.

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