May 31, 2011

Danny MacAskill in Capetown

It is quite clear that Danny MacAskill is one of the smoothest men on two wheels, the only question really is where will he be next and which smart marketer wants to associated with him. Turns out Danny is showing us a different side of Capetown, South Africa and it appears that Leica V-Lux 30 cameras make it look even sweeter. This video is sure to be shared again through various social media sites like wildfire.

Now isn't that a beautiful image?

May 28, 2011

Swim Alain Swim

With summer pretty much here in the Northern Hemisphere it is time for many to go back to the pool. Here is a little inspirational video by Arena France with stud swimmer Alain Bernard to show you how a pool really should be used. None of that hanging out and drinking frosty beverages stuff.

No doubt who his sponsor is

May 25, 2011

Look Better Naked

When Gold's Gym Houston put up these Look Better Naked billboards around Houston maybe they were clever enough to predict that folks might pose with them and share those pics on their blogs and various forums, but it might just be fun accidental guerrilla marketing. It of course helped that the Memorial Hermann Ironman Texas recently took place there and clearly these athletes had lots of fun with the billboards before and or after the race we hope.


May 20, 2011

The Experiment

Converse set up The Canvas Experiment with 480 Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers, a big canvas, wire and more. Bjorn's guitar really moves the All Stars, but so do the drums of Mitch.


May 18, 2011

A Love Story ... in milk

Love is a beautiful thing and we certainly feel love when we watch "A Love story...In Milk." This short film though is really about recycling and was done by Catsnake for the Friends of the Earth in the UK. So think about these milk jars next time you consider putting something in the trash.

Aaaah, so cute.

May 16, 2011

Xerox Ducati fun

Ducati is very wise to spend time testing bike aerodynamics versus translating manuals into Portuguese, something Xerox seemingly manages for Ducati technical communications globally.

Should this dude really be in the wind tunnel?

May 11, 2011

Social Memories - the book

This new social media effort by the Deutsche Post / DHL in Germany is certainly nothing new and unique, but since many customers seem to arrive late to similar "dances" the effort is maybe not for nothing. After all we see folks post videos on their pages as something crazy unique even though that stuff has been floating around for months. So now get your Social Memories from facebook made into a book and share with friends.

In case you don't spend enough time on facebook

May 09, 2011

Many steps

Takayuki Akachi created a beautiful short film for Onitsuka Tiger focused on matching music to steps. Very little Asics footage in here, but "less is more" certainly counts here too.

Step it up

May 06, 2011

Red Bull gives you wings

Ashley Fiolek is truly an inspiration and this 21-year old is the youngest ever two-time WMA champion and a two-time X Games gold medalist in Super X. Maybe Red Bull can give you wings too and a great attitude like Ashley.

Smooth and fast

May 04, 2011

Happy, happy anniversary Lisa

This is certainly an interesting way to celebrate an anniversary but we hope Lisa got more than this folder structure effort. We may not even have shown this here as it really isn't about advertising or guerrilla marketing, but since someone here just celebrated a 3 year anniversary we had a bit of a soft spot for it.

Via: Invisible Red

May 02, 2011

Rain, rain show us more

"Sea Life never lets you go" appears magically on a sidewalk in the Netherlands when it rains. This nice guerrilla marketing effort for Sea Life in Scheveningen is simple and clean, no pun intended.

Just like magic, well, not really