March 31, 2011

BMX bandits invade

In the old West bandits may have been invading a small town and frightened the local residents, but when a large pack of BMX riders invaded downtown Copenhagen to promote the UCI BMX World Championships later this summer, the residents there mostly had smiles on their faces and reached for their cameras. Nice little guerrilla marketing effort.

A very scary sight :-)

March 30, 2011

VW Think Blue

Very beautiful animation for VW in Belgium and their Think Blue campaign. So many happy thoughts.

It seems the gas pumps are feeling blue

March 28, 2011

Joy of Destruction

The Joy of Destruction film below is really not about guerrilla marketing or any other marketing items, but we thought someone who can do an interesting one like this surely could do a great marketing one for you should desire an animated one for your brand. So check out Xaver Xylophon the man behind the film.

March 24, 2011

More MINI fun

MINI recently announced the MINI Cooper SD, a fast and super efficient new Diesel model. We also learned that there are other ways to enjoy the swift turns and rapid accelerations of the Cooper SD, as shown in the fun spot below. Now let us take this setup to the 318 turns in 11 miles on the Tail of the Dragon for some real crazy fun.

Thank you Paul for the tip

March 22, 2011

Another brick workout

We always like it when a campaign connects to the products or services sold, and that is certainly the case with the guerrilla marketing coupon offer from the IronKore gym in Toronto, Canada. Not sure who came up with this nifty idea, and hopefully the structure of the IronKore building isn't compromised with all those bricks missing. It would appear though that all the bricks will be coming back.

Via: Sam Ewen

March 17, 2011

Is bigger better?

Adidas just introduced a big superstar lineup in their most recent "biggest ever"All In campaign, but despite all the star power is this really a powerful brand message? Plus the Game Face look may not really get folks excited to buy Adidas products.

Just about a year ago K-Swiss did an ad with a much smaller budget and it seems much more inspiring and creative plus it really looks like the athletes in the spot actually want to be there.

March 16, 2011

Roach Alert Dallas

When you just see a glimpse of roaches the terminator crew comes immediately to your mind and folks who recently went to the Mockingbird Station in Dallas also quickly got an idea which terminator to call. The 5000 or so live roaches inside clear plastic letters that spell e.coli were a fun guerrilla marketing stunt for Terminix.

Nice and gentle

Thanks John

March 14, 2011

Ice, ice baby

VW in Sweden is promoting a special ski version of the Passat with a billboard on a frozen lake. The offer is limited, but no date is set. Once the ice goes, and the billboard sinks - the deal is off. Plus people can guess on the site when that will actually occur.

March 09, 2011

Geared business card

This is a couple years old but still very cool and unique today. This geared business card of Adam Mayer will really leave an impression in more than one way and we wished more folks had such cool business cards.

Very clever indeed

March 07, 2011

Bait car Dubai

To promote the Nissan Patrol in Dubai, UAE for the Arabian Automobiles group, fully loaded versions were "abandoned" behind other parked SUVs with an invite on the dash to move it. Once inside the vehicle they had a captive audience to promote all the features.

Good thing they don't watch Bait Car in that part of the world.

Oh my, no guerrilla marketing step ladders to get up on hhis big SUV?

Via: Marketing Alternatif

March 03, 2011

Going downtown witch panache

Most folks really dress up when they go downtown, but that isn't the case for everybody and clearly not so at the Valparaiso Cerro Abajo Urban Downhill Race. Filip Polc though is dressed for the occasion and he is certainly going downtown with panache and style in Valparaiso, Chile, but it appears he is really going there with "wings" from Red Bull.

Making sure we know where he is

March 02, 2011

Ouch short shorts

To promote their short shorts sale Kiwi retailer Superette manipulated park benches to leave a "calling card" of sorts on the back of the thighs of folks wearing shorts or short skirts. Ouch indeed.