February 28, 2011

MINI Rocketman inspiration

A new video from MINI explains the inspiration behind the MINI Rocketman concept and we learn how history repeats itself. Most car manufacturers (especially GM and Chrysler) should look at this a bit closer and learn a thing or two.

Look at those beautiful detailed drawRings

February 23, 2011

Smart turning radius

It appears that there are endless ways to show the amazing turning radius of a Smart car, but this cement truck idea is pretty clever. But the title of the youtube clip could use a bit of improvement as it is misleading. We are not sure though if this is simple mistake or a fiendish plan.

This is quite mesmerizing.

February 21, 2011

Reminiscing about the classics

The promote the Penguin book Classics, cool looking type writers were placed in electronics stores to remind folks what they are missing. Very nice little guerrilla marketing effort, although some of the younger shoppers in those stores may never ever have seen a typewriter before. Now go read a book.

February 15, 2011

Mercedes Benz Fashion Force

During the New York Fashion week a Mercedes Benz Fashion Force CLS 63 AMG with a couple fashion-savvy bloggers inside cruised through downtown neighborhoods looking out for interesting fashion focused folks. Pedestrians who were discovered got Fashion Week event passes and maybe even a ride, and Mercedes Benz got quite a bit of media buzz.

February 11, 2011

Facebook pages images

With the new facebook pages update you'll get a much closer feel now to the personal versions. You now also have 5 images on top of the wall, but unlike the personal ones, they are coming up at random. We had to do refresh our facebook page a few times to get it "lined up." But random is fun too. :-)

February 10, 2011

Original Design Gangsta

This is a very cool self promotional piece for Kyle Webster a very gifted illustrator who actually lives in our neighborhood. To be precise, just a few blocks away from the Guerrilla Communication headquarters. Boy are we glad that we don't use Photoshop filters. :-)

He is the original design gangsta

February 09, 2011

As seen, but surely not wanted

The As Seen On TV logo on a product is a virtual guarantee that we will stay away from it as far as we can. We actually don't even want to be seen near a product with that logo on it. This logo to us has quite possibly the same impact as cross must to a vampire or the devil.

February 08, 2011

Guerrilla marketing fun with glue

Take some Pattex glue, go onto a construction site in Germany and you seemingly can have all kinds of guerrilla marketing fun with the product. Plus it is quite certain to get a bit of attention.

It is quite impressive even though a steel rope is even smaller

February 05, 2011

Getting the Haribo blues

We are not really complaining about the conjoined Haribo Happy Cola bottles below, but more so how the popular German Haribo brand just does not appear to have quite the same quality and taste standards as in Europe. Yes, the Haribo of America, INC are made in Spain, but seemingly to US "standards" and specifications. A closer look reveals corn starch in the ingredients, something not found in the German ones, but maybe the German labels just aren't complete. Either way, the German Haribo items taste better.

We love Happy Cola from Germany, these American ones not so much.

Happy Cola ingredients from Haribo of America, Inc.

February 04, 2011

The Marketing Summit at WFU

The 2011 Wake Forest University Marketing Summit kicked off last night with new case sponsor VF Corp and their brands Nautica and The North Face. 8 Graduate programs from around the world and 6 Undergraduate teams from various places in the US are competing in this prestigious event and the winning Graduate team will walk away with $75,000.

It is very smart for brands to be involved in competitions like this one so it is no surprise that the Wake Forest Marketing Summit has attracted even more sponsors this year.

Steve Reinemund, Dean of Business introduces the case sponsors.

The VW Force

The Force is truly with VW and their newest ad for the VW Passat. The very cute spot featuring a miniature Darth Vader started to make the rounds late on Wednesday early Thursday and about 36 hours later it is now up to almost 5,000,000 views. Rumored to be a Super Bowl spot for the German brand, this ad will get most likely get more eyes on youtube than it will during the game and that even before the actual kickoff of the game in Dallas. We will also allow you to call this spot viral.

Agency: Deutsch/LA

Not everyone is impressed by tiny Darth Vader

Via: AdFreak

February 02, 2011

Vodafone: one tent and a festival

Formula One racing drivers Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton seemingly set up camp at their favorite music festival site a tad bit early. A very cute spot to promote that with Vodafone you can get tickets to some of Britain's best festivals 48 hours before they go on general sale.

I bet you someone will sit in front of us :-)

February 01, 2011

The Google Art Project

Google has always been somewhat artsy with the constantly evolving and changing logo, but now Google has really stepped it up with the Art Project and now people can visit various museums around the world without the need for a plane ticket and passport.
Go Google.