January 31, 2011

And all that Jazz

A new spot for the Honda Jazz takes you to a magical place with a very nicely done animation. With its 1:11 running length don't expect to see this version during the upcoming SuperBowl, but you can go to the iTunes store and download an app that lets you catch and play with the characters of the Honda Jazz spot.

A wonderland of color

January 27, 2011

Fun with a grand piano

A grand piano was recently discovered on a sandbar in Biscayne Bay and led to quite a few speculations as to where it came from and what it is supposed to mean. Word now has it that it was a juvenile prank and not a guerrilla marketing stunt for a piano brand or a piano bar.

January 26, 2011

Burgeranch combina

An official campaign combined with a social media rumor campaign helped Burgeranch in Israel get some nice attention. Combina though means outsmarting the system and getting something out of it, and Combina is the basis of this marketing campaign.

Agency: McCann Israel

Now where is my dessert?

January 24, 2011

Paper planes from space

If you were walking down the street and a plane from space was heading towards you that would be quite a scary experience. Unless of course it was one of the paper planes from the Samsung guerrilla marketing effort in Germany. A balloon took up the bag of 200 paper planes with Samsung SD memory cards up to 36,500 meters seemingly and released them back to the ground.

If you find one of these planes, you should check in here.

Godspeed Jack LaLanne

Jack LaLanne died on Sunday at age 96 and we all truly lost a very inspirational person. But for all we know he is currently making sure that the angels don't look quite so chubby. Godspeed Jack.

January 21, 2011

Time for 2.10.11

With this new clock ad Verizon is announcing the coming of the Apple iPhone 4 to their offerings on 2.10.11 and are thanking their current customers for never stopping to believe. But is that really just an ad for patient Verizon customers or more so for annoyed AT&T clients ready to make the jump across providers?

It really is about time for some competition

January 19, 2011

Call 1-900..., that is 1-900....

There is something about all these radio and TV ads with those super repetitive suggestions to call their number that just smells a bit fishy. The spokes person being loud doesn't help the matter either. Plus telling us that it is a "very limited offer" and "just one per household" doesn't really get it any more exciting.

January 18, 2011

Auto follow

Some people on Twitter and facebook seem to be so desperate to get more followers and friends that they go through all kinds of measures to get that done, including the very silly and useless Twitter autofollow option. Even though that means absolutely zero in terms of actual interest and followers. Alfa Romeo recently did a very cute guerrilla marketing stunt that plays on that social media theme with Alfa Romeo billboards and signs following people in Belgium.

This may indeed happen with the auto eh Alfa follow option.

Via: onthegroundlookingup

January 12, 2011

Good times in the snow

The slow motion snow skating video shot in Detroit really looks like good times in the snow, but could maybe be labeled "Just Do It in the snow." It is virtually impossible to not notice the Nike sneakers in this 300 frames per second film, but maybe that is the whole idea. Or maybe it is just us having guerrilla marketing on our minds all the time.

Just Do It

Via: skateboardingmagazine.com and thank you SkyPulseMedia for the tip

January 10, 2011

Human Machine

Humans aren't machines, but according to Amnesty International some migrant workers at times are treated just like or even worse than machines. With the guerrilla marketing activity below this problem was pointed out to folks in South Korea.

January 07, 2011

Time for creativity

When it comes to guerrilla marketing there is the widespread misconception that it is all on the cheap or free, but being possibly more affordable is really a side benefit and not the main objective. The goal is to be noticed with a unique and different approach and that is certainly the case with the McDonalds sun dial below. This effort certainly wasn't inexpensive and McDonalds certainly has the option budget wise to do what they want. Very nice work indeed.

Quizno's and U-Haul get the benefit of being in the right place at the right time. :-)

January 05, 2011

Don't bite this

The nail biting solution marketing below is quite clever and surely will get noticed. Plastic bags have been used in a variety of ways before, including for a unique beer marketing effort, and we tend to notice the ones that stand out through smart design.

January 03, 2011

So many little cars

It may be a scary thing to drive down the road and come upon this big kid smiling at you from a bridge. Not sure where this Hot Wheels image was taken or who is behind this guerrilla marketing concept, but it is simple and quite clever.