September 06, 2011

Broken and out of money

Santa Rosa, California photographer John Blackwell is getting quite a bit of attention for a note he put up on facebook.

"Checking interest: $100 gets you, A photo shoot, 1 roll B&W FILM shot, processed, and scanned. 1 8x10 of your choice hand printed (in a darkroom, by me). A very limited time offer (hopefully), until I am able to work again. My shattered wrist is like an unemployed nightmare. That may be a tad dramatic, but only a tad.

You, your kids, your pets, whatever, as long as its fun. No boring headshot bullshit. Look at my website to get an idea of how I shoot."

Hey, if we were in Santa Rosa or anywhere near there we'd be seeing this man in a hurry So reach out to him and get some great photography at a steal. Well, for a limited time.

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