July 04, 2011

Cadillac Shield

Cadillac Shield isn't a new high-end car model, but a comprehensive package of owner benefits offered by Cadillac. We though mostly like this very nice ad they have been running on Versus during the Tour de France coverage. Go let it rip kid.

A very determined kid


  1. This is a beautiful ad. Not only did it make me try to find it on line, but I'm thinking that I should check out Cadillacs! I guess that is the purpose of a great ad.

    My most favorite Ad


  2. Awesome Ad.! They made the boy just like an American where I grew up, would make there son out to be, a curious, tough and fearless racer ... Not a pansy geek mommies boy like the media/Hollywood tends to treat the boy role model these days.
    When the kid takes his helmet is perfect. Nicely filmed and framed with the boy standing tall with his hands on his waist. :-D