March 17, 2011

Is bigger better?

Adidas just introduced a big superstar lineup in their most recent "biggest ever"All In campaign, but despite all the star power is this really a powerful brand message? Plus the Game Face look may not really get folks excited to buy Adidas products.

Just about a year ago K-Swiss did an ad with a much smaller budget and it seems much more inspiring and creative plus it really looks like the athletes in the spot actually want to be there.


  1. That K-Swiss spot is fun indeed. Nice work.

  2. I want to shoot flaming tennis balls now. :-)

  3. Is the Adidas ad supposed to inspire you to great athletic feats or to go clubbing?

    I'll take K-Swiss any day of the week! I will be playing tennis with flaming balls soon, though

  4. Yup, I like Messi and soccer, but much prefer the K-Swiss spot

  5. I feel differently about this one. I think both spots are great and get their intended job done.

    K-Swiss has always portrayed itself as the sunny, be-happy-while-you-play, brand - a great niche for itself.

    However, Adidas, much like the other big boys tries to invoke the intensity, and heart-pounding action star within all of us. This is no different than the Nike and "Click Clack" ads that fared well for the big swoosh and UA, respectively.

    I think Adidas did a great job of brining all these stars together into one spot. What this message says to me is that this is where the professionals play - something that is very important in the world of performance apparel and something that competitors such as Reebok have recently failed to do.

    Both these spots are much different. But I like them both!