March 07, 2011

Bait car Dubai

To promote the Nissan Patrol in Dubai, UAE for the Arabian Automobiles group, fully loaded versions were "abandoned" behind other parked SUVs with an invite on the dash to move it. Once inside the vehicle they had a captive audience to promote all the features.

Good thing they don't watch Bait Car in that part of the world.

Oh my, no guerrilla marketing step ladders to get up on hhis big SUV?

Via: Marketing Alternatif


  1. That would really bother me if I had to go somewhere urgently.

  2. ^Hopefully they did this on a weekend and only to drivers who seemed to be out on leisure.

    But I LOVED this video. Seems like they pulled it off well. 78% signed up for follow-ups?? That's great :)

  3. You really do need step ladders to get on this SUV?