January 07, 2011

Time for creativity

When it comes to guerrilla marketing there is the widespread misconception that it is all on the cheap or free, but being possibly more affordable is really a side benefit and not the main objective. The goal is to be noticed with a unique and different approach and that is certainly the case with the McDonalds sun dial below. This effort certainly wasn't inexpensive and McDonalds certainly has the option budget wise to do what they want. Very nice work indeed.

Quizno's and U-Haul get the benefit of being in the right place at the right time. :-)


  1. Absolutely BRILLIANT!

    Perhaps one of the simplest and most ingenious examples of guerrilla marketing.

  2. This is pretty genius, especially since its creator is McDonalds. Honestly, I haven't seen very many clever marketing schemes come from McD's lately, this one takes the cake... or McMuffin.

    Brittany Haggerty

  3. I recognize that, it's right across the street from Wrigley Field. McDonald's actually owns the billboard, it's in the parking lot of their restaurant.