January 18, 2011

Auto follow

Some people on Twitter and facebook seem to be so desperate to get more followers and friends that they go through all kinds of measures to get that done, including the very silly and useless Twitter autofollow option. Even though that means absolutely zero in terms of actual interest and followers. Alfa Romeo recently did a very cute guerrilla marketing stunt that plays on that social media theme with Alfa Romeo billboards and signs following people in Belgium.

This may indeed happen with the auto eh Alfa follow option.

Via: onthegroundlookingup


  1. Heh. I love the way you framed up the concept. Not only is it creepy, but the entire value of Twitter feels diminished since people started to be overly concerned about the number of followers.


  2. I love it!!! So objective...

  3. Good one. Yes the trend is ... a trend: excessive, everywhere and maybe temporary