August 27, 2010

The plastic bag

Heal the Bay is trying to put an end to plastic pollution with the help of the mockumentary below. So if you are in California reach out to your senator and support bill AB 1998 because the 19 billion bag per year habit in California is not good. If you live elsewhere, you may also try to work with your legislation on this issue, because plastic bags are not unique to the Golden State.

Canadian dancING sisters

When ING Direct launched the THRiVE chequing account, they announced it to Canadians with a big splash. Well, visitors in Toronto's Berczy Park were surprised by the sudden appearance and performance of a THRiVE synchronized swimming team.

Curious how many onlookers actually understood which brand or product this guerrilla marketing effort was for.

August 25, 2010

Blurred Express Delivery

Art installations were placed in various locations in Jakarta, Indonesia to promote Express Delivery by UPS. Very nicely done indeed and hopefully this didn't cause too many folks to see their eye doctor for blurred vision.

Via: AdsOfTheWorld

August 23, 2010

New sponsor for Twitter error?

Since the whale error is such a reoccurring theme on Twitter, maybe Twitter should sell the oh so cute fail whale page to a sponsor. FedEx surely could deliver that whale and there are plenty of other sponsorship options here.

"We'll have XX packages and this whale delivered before Twitter is back up to speed"


Crazy About Rugby

Created for the domestic 737 service, Air New Zealand filled a plane full with rugby fans, Air New Zealand staff and some of the All Black rugby team. With the fun Crazy About Rugby spot going around the world on twitter, facebook and blogs, it appears there is little need for Air New Zealand to also implement this spot on their International flights.

With so many studly players on board, it appears there is need for extra air.

August 20, 2010

In the end it's about running

No matter what sport you are talking about, people usually think the sport they participate in is the best. It gets a bit trickier when multiple sports are involved or a sport has multiple disciplines such as triathlon. Along those lines, while some triathletes might believe that it is all about the bike, the guerrilla marketing effort for Asics below would argue that "in the end it's about running." At the end of a triathlon that is certainly true, but Asics most likely thinks no matter which sports you are passionate about, "in the end it's about running."

August 18, 2010

A very close shave - with a tennis ball

During a shoot for the Gillette / British Skin Foundation, Roger Federer played a modern version of Wilhelm Tell and knocked off a can of a crew member's head. But as we would have guessed, Federer did not use a crossbow for this stunt.

How relaxed would you be if Roger Federer was about to use you as target practice?

August 16, 2010

More baggage carousel fun

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas is apparently also true for this Lance Burton magic box and its contents. The very captive audience at the Las Vegas airport waiting for their bags gets a swift idea of what to do in the Sin City when this guerrilla marketing effort for the Lance Burton show at the Monte Carlo casino comes past them on the baggage carousel.

Via: BrandFreak

August 13, 2010

Dai-Ichi Express

At the 2010 Freediving World Championship in Okinawa, Japan Herbert Nitsch worked on the Dai-Ichi Express project. Filmed by Alexander Abela and Herbert Nitsch the question is whether this is an art project or a guerrilla marketing effort the fins, goggles, a plumbing company or his watch sponsor Breitling?

The options to dive here are somewhat limited and not too inviting

August 11, 2010

Light refreshment

During renovation work on a building in Winston-Salem workers discovered a 50s Pepsi advertisement behind the old stucco. The plan of the building owner was to open up the doorway, but once this beautiful artwork was unveiled the owner decided to keep it. That is light and refreshing indeed.

August 10, 2010


The Stanley Steemer "I could have saved this one" is very well done and quite funny.


August 09, 2010

Marriage problem solver

We are not talking about personal marriage problems here, but we all know they do occur. But who do you talk to when the marriage is actually over and the lawyers have already taken all your money? Maybe you should talk to Ramesh Shama the post marriage counselor. He certainly has a very nifty business card, but maybe his service is helping you to patch things up again.

August 06, 2010

Hubby Hubby

It is quite rare that a brand steps up to support one side of a controversial issue and standard marketing advice usually is to not go down that road. But Ben&Jerry's haven't really tried to follow the herd through all these years and have now stepped up on their website to support the overturning of Prop 48. Hubby Hubby ice cream anyone?

August 04, 2010

Ketchup with those fries

During the Zürifest in Zürich, Switzerland the rules of engagement for guerrilla marketing and various other ambient marketing concepts are slightly more relaxed, and that allowed McDonald's to transform a crosswalk at the intersection of Muehlegasse and Niederdorfstrasse in the heart of the pedestrian zone into a box of fries. Let us hope though no one gets run over there because that wouldn't be the ketchup we had asked for.

FYI, that McDonald's coffee shop a few steps away from that intersection has an amazing selection of pastries. Wanted to snap a picture while there recently, but picture taking inside was "verboten."

Via: AdsOfTheWorld

August 02, 2010

Slooooow motion

With the Hooray for the everyday spot, Ikea reminds us about the simple pleasures in life, while surrounded by Ikea furniture and furnishings of course. Shot in slow motion with a total length of 1:27, it is very unlikely that you'll see that spot on your TV anytime soon, but expect to find it on twitter, facebook and other social media outlets.

It isn't the greatest spot ever, but it is cute.

Guerrilla marketing for a cleaning product?