August 27, 2010

The plastic bag

Heal the Bay is trying to put an end to plastic pollution with the help of the mockumentary below. So if you are in California reach out to your senator and support bill AB 1998 because the 19 billion bag per year habit in California is not good. If you live elsewhere, you may also try to work with your legislation on this issue, because plastic bags are not unique to the Golden State.


  1. Very creative and it got the attention of many people for its creativity...
    But was it effective?
    If you want YouTube viewers...yes
    But if you were trying to pass AB 1998...No (as it did not pass)

    This raises the bigger question that most guerilla marketing techniques have to reflect on...are they focused on driving metrics or results? Often they only move metrics and fail to translate to baseline initiatives such as votes or sales.

    Hence most of these tactics need to have a traditional marketing function that compliments them.

  2. Well said, but just because AB 1988 did not pass doesn't make this only a "metrics driven" campaign. In general marketing needs to be results driven, but getting this passed was highly unlikely to begin with. Maybe the result desired here was actually getting more attention to the matter.

  3. Update: