June 09, 2010

More fighting words

So MINI USA has challenged Porsche USA to a race at the Road Atlanta track on June 21st. The MINI Cooper S versus the Porsche 911 Carrera S, a car with more than twice the horsepower of the Cooper S. The car forums are already buzzing with chatter about this audatious challenge. What does MINI USA have up their sleeves? Is there some trick play going on? We think it is possibly just a nice marketing concept. :-)

In addition to a facebook page along those lines, MINI USA also placed an ad in the NY Times.

At this point the author has to reveal that he drives a MINI Cooper S.

Via: AdFreak


  1. That is all bull

  2. Anonymous, are you a Porsche driver by chance?

  3. You're kind of sitting in the cat-bird's seat if you're Mini. You're certainly hoping Porsche ignores "Mini vs. Porsche" and then you can claim that they were chicken, etc.
    And if you're Porsche I think you likely do simply ignore it.
    I hope the race happens though. It might be fun. And FUN is exactly how this is positioned and maybe something for Porsche to keep in mind if/when they decide to respond.

  4. well now it's about time to just ... RACE AND GET IT OVER WITH. porsche you are starting to look bad here. DO IT!!!