February 22, 2010

KLM comfort

A guy sitting in the Amsterdam Airport got quite a bit of attention because people didn't see his chair. The marketing stunt for KLM's Economy Comfort puzzled passersby as they wondered how it was done. We really don't care about those details, we are mostly wondering though if on a KLM flight you get to have as much elbow room as the guy in this guerrilla marketing scenario. Plus we are quite sure that he couldn't easily get up if he needed to.

Via: Marketing Alternatif


  1. So it seems to be pretty obvious to me that the guy is sitting on a seat secured to the stage by a steel rod (think thick like a swingset frame) that runs the length of his leg and out his pants. There appears to be a void behind his shoe that helps his pants conceal the rod. The rod then runs inside the trouser (no pun intended) and he sits on a very small flat portion.

  2. Great idea, followed up with an equally impressive online campaign. Good work.