February 08, 2010

A few Super Bowl thoughts

While watching the Super Bowl last night a few things stuck out. Maybe as an industry insider my expectations are different from an average consumer, but altogether one has to admit that the game was way more exciting than the ads. Plus it was quite surprising that there were quite a few fairly sexist ads, lead by Dodge with their Charger ad. Do these brands not understand that females have quite a bit of purchasing power that is steadily growing? That being said, there were a few ads that made positive impressions and the Coca-Cola Simpson's ad was the best ad of the night. Plus the coach's Gatorade shower at the end works out as quite some nice guerrilla marketing for that brand


  1. Hyundai was the big winner, Herbert. I'm at their site right now checking out their line of autos, made in America, w/o union labor.

  2. How was Hyundai the big winner? Yes they had a nice presence and their ads were actually decent, but I still am not SOLD on a Hyundai. Actually give me one of those Mercedes cars they keep referring to in their ads. :-)