January 16, 2010

Why, why, why?

I love chocolate milk and hot chocolate and having grown up in Germany I still have a passion for Suchard Express cocoa powder. But I recently found out that Kraft Foods (the parent company of Suchard Express, Kaba and Milka) now only offers this delicious product and some of their other products in a refill pack. Yes we do want the company to think about the environment and offer refill packs, but it can't be all and everything. Do they want us to fill a Nestle Quick box with Suchard Express? That makes no marketing sense.


  1. He,
    I'm from Germany and indeed I have to say, that I always buy this cocoa powder but I never thought about this fact. I'm shocked! I always used to put the powder in a glass, but now I see how senseless this is. I should write a mail to Suchard! ;)

    Thanks for opening my eyes!

  2. I sent am email too, but would be quite stunned if I got a response.

  3. Da gibt es doch bessere Sachen wie Suchard Express, oder?

  4. Where can I but the Suchard Express and have it shipped to the US???