October 30, 2009

Fly for me

A German Guerrilla Marketing group "hired" flies to do some flyvertising for them during the Frankfurt book fair. Tiny little ad banners were attached to the flies via wax and then they were sent to fly around the convention center with a message of their client Eichborn, whose logo is a fly. No flies were hurt with this action according to folks involved (the wax seemingly naturally dissolves), but previous personal experience with PETA have taught us that such words mean nothing to them.

Agency: Jung von Matt

Via: AdFreak

October 28, 2009

We love green stuff

Although not really new and unique, we always enjoy green activities like this "Green Life" bag action by Heineken in Puerto Rico. The recycling of billboard banners into something trendy you can use everyday is great for the brand and even nicer for the environment. Plus this is a marketing thing most people happily accept and even pay for.

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October 26, 2009

Play that music ...

Vodafone New Zealand used 1,000 cellphones to play Tchaikovsky's 1812 overture in a unique concert. Is Vodafone all of a sudden completely passionate about the arts, or is this a little marketing stunt they are hoping will go viral? The range of sounds displayed in this classical number certainly speaks well for the ringtone choices of Vodafone.

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Finally embedded

This blog is now finally embedded in our new website and we of course think it looks very good, but what do you think?

October 23, 2009

October 21, 2009

An egg hunt of a different sort

We know it closer to Christmas than to Easter, but that didn't stop a few folks in Dublin, Ireland to look for a few over-sized eggs once one (with a PS3 Slim inside) was discovered next to Molly Malone on Grafton Street. This guerrilla marketing stunt stood out for sure, but some of the pedestrians seemed either too busy or too suspicious of that big egg.

October 19, 2009

Beauty isn't about weight, or is it?

To promote Dove's campaign of Inner Beauty in Germany, modified scales without numbers were place in female locker rooms in schools and at swimming pools. The message on the scale simply translates to "Real beauty is not measured in kgs," and while that is certainly true, will the young women this guerrilla marketing campaign tries to connect with actually step up on a scale in public?

October 16, 2009

More than just talk

Many banks claim that they support small businesses, but 1stBank in Colorado seemingly put their money where their mouth is. They set up several rotating displays in busy areas covered with business cards of their small business customers, plus the tagline "We care about small business." Now that is more than just lip service.

Agency: TDA Advertising

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October 14, 2009

A fun theory

It is quite valuable when you get customer interaction, but seemingly in the case below the customers in Sweden are not aware that they are interacting with VW. Part of the Fun Theory campaign, a set of stairs was transformed into an interactive piano. Which song would you play? Another recent project along those lines made people actually want to clean up trash in the street.

October 12, 2009

Beer usually hits the spot

Pro Triathlete Linsey Corbin from Montana promoted herself and all her sponsors with custom Montana Brewing six packs which were presented to various media and industry folks at the 2009 Ford Ironman World Championships in Kona Hawaii. The slogan of Linsey Corbin is "Montana Made" and that seemingly works for the beer too.

October 09, 2009

Breast cancer tumor in your face

If you walked through a city and noticed a big tumor blocking your path, it would most likely catch your attention. That was the work done for the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation and they used huge inflatables to promote the campaign "The longer you wait, the bigger the problem gets."

Via: DirectDaily

October 07, 2009

Ironman Hawaii underpants marketing

Every year on Thursday before the Ford Ironman Hawaii World Championships there is an underpants run that originally was meant to mock the Europens who sported their Speedos anytime and everywhere. By now the underpants is very big and several hundered folks run in it, including quite a few Europeans. That of course brings out the marketing people and saddle manufacturer fi'zi:k is showing off their nice assortment of underpants which they hope people will wear to promote their goods.

October 02, 2009

It is raining flipflops

It is considered a fashionable faux pas to wear flipflops once fall weather comes around, but Havaianas seem to have a different thought along those lines. They are embracing the fall weather with an interesting non traditional marketing campaign in various European cities. Was it really raining flipflops in London, Lisbon, Paris and Madrid?