September 30, 2009

Freshly baked

While coming through the Charlotte, NC airport recently I noticed this ambient campaign for Bojangles in the baggage claim area. The "biscuits" were already showing a bit wear and tear and it took a second to figure out what was going on, but once you strolled to the beginning of the conveyor belt it became quite clear. I also noticed that other folks were doing the same "detective work", so the interaction with the customers was certainly achieved. But on my way home I did not stop at a Bojangles. :-)

September 28, 2009

Melting away

To bring more attention to the climate change in the arctic regions and the melting ice, the German World Wide Fund for Nature placed 1,000 ice sculptures in the shape of sitting humans on the steps of the German capital at noon. As the sculptures slowly melted away they left quite a sad impression.

Via: DirectDaily

September 25, 2009

More monkey business

During the Interbike trade show in Las Vegas, nuun had a gorilla chase a banana to promote banananuun, the banana flavored electrolyte tablets. The gorilla and the banana were very popular photo objects and their banananuun samples were seemingly also appreciated.

September 23, 2009

Cheesy stuff

It would take quite a bit of self control when looking at this Donato's Pizza billboard to not lust for a slice of cheesy pizza, or possibly the rest of the pizza not yet eaten by the news dude. So bring on the pizza and make it Donato's.

Via: AdFreak

September 21, 2009

An M better

Migros is the largest supermarket chain in Switzerland and the largest employer in that country. The orange M of that brand is quite well known there and earlier this year the M showed up on various town and city signs, covering the M in those signs. A guerrilla marketing activity that goes along well with their campaign "Ein M besser" or in English "An M better."

September 18, 2009

More coffee please

Everyone loves free coffee, but that only works when people find out about it. Along those lines, this coffee pot lamp post promoting FREE McDonalds coffee at the intersection of 6th Ave and Cambie Street in Vancouver is tough to overlook. The promotion is only 2 weeks long, but the memories of this ambient marketing effort will last quite a bit longer.

Agency: Cossette West, Vancouver

Via: AdRants

September 16, 2009

Build it and they will come, or not

Burger King in the UK recently created a sand "castle" restaurant in Weston-Super-Mare, UK to coincide with the British August Bank Summer Holiday on on August 31. Sand sculptor Mark Anderson spent three days and a ton of sand to build it. Offering a variety of shakes, no one seemed to have counted on the typically crappy weather there. Looking a bit sad on the deserted beach it appears that they should have offered chicken broth and hot tea instead. Brrrrr.

Location, location, location yes, but also timing, timing, timing is important.

Via: MarketingAlternatif

September 14, 2009

Don't encourage folks

People do not need to be encouraged to stop thinking. We know that "Just do it!" wasn't really available anymore for this Wrangler campaign, so "Stop thinking!" had to do it.
The problem today actually is that many people do not think outside the box or outside their comfort zone, and that seems to be especially true for "them" Wrangler cowboys.

September 11, 2009

This stinks

Well, teen pregnancy stinks for sure and that problem has been around the last 30 years. Sadly, not everyone gets the message though, and in Milwaukee where teen pregnancy is especially "popular," the Milwaukee School District thought that maybe a few dirty diapers left in school bus stops might do the trick. That scratch and sniff campaign doesn't really expect students to scratch or sniff, but take a moment and think about their future.

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September 09, 2009

Kill that caterpillar

If you are making a product and are thinking of sending a gift to a store that sells your stuff, you should do a bit more than just having your logo on it. On the clock featured here you don't even have to know that Nomolt sells stuff to kill caterpillars, but you will figure it. The message is something like: "The end of caterpillars is near - NOMOLT insecticide BASF." Somehow though I feel bad for that caterpillar.

September 07, 2009

The faster you go...

...the more the message hits home in this ambient "slower is better" campaign for the Elm Grove police department. No one really wants to stay 25 days in the hospital, but 46 certainly sounds a lot worse. Plus while we would prefer a 0% chance of a crash, 25% odds are better than 30% or 33%. These signs are quite clever and should make drivers think a bit more about driving "just a few miles" above the speed limit.

Via: DirectDaily

September 04, 2009

Art held hostage

With many non-profits struggling during these economic times, a group in Denver wanted to put a spotlight on the arts. To make people aware that public art and all art in the city comes at a cost, public art pieces across Denver were covered with black plastic and wrapped with yellow caution tape. The URL of was also featured prominently, and on that site people can pay ransom notes and learn more on how they can get involved. Very clever guerrilla marketing.

Via: DenverEgotist

September 02, 2009

Bigger is better?

Now that is some big bubblegum to have in your mouth. The world's biggest Hubba Bubba bubblegum graces a billboard in Israel and shows some out of the "billboard box" thinking.