September 16, 2009

Build it and they will come, or not

Burger King in the UK recently created a sand "castle" restaurant in Weston-Super-Mare, UK to coincide with the British August Bank Summer Holiday on on August 31. Sand sculptor Mark Anderson spent three days and a ton of sand to build it. Offering a variety of shakes, no one seemed to have counted on the typically crappy weather there. Looking a bit sad on the deserted beach it appears that they should have offered chicken broth and hot tea instead. Brrrrr.

Location, location, location yes, but also timing, timing, timing is important.

Via: MarketingAlternatif


  1. bottom photo is a photoshop nightmare.

  2. Did they pay in sand dollars?!

  3. This is a great idea but so poorly executed. The Burger King wouldn't live, work or eat in that "castle"! They should have made a large sand castle that looked like a castle and maybe in the summertime to get the most out of the marketing idea.

  4. I agree with Brooks, good idea just poorly executed. They should have been prepared with an alternative if the weather was poor. I bet they would have done better business if the beach was crowded. I like the anonymous comment too, sand dollars, ha!