August 26, 2009

The chalk poll

When you are trying to improve the Chicago Transportation Authority it is a good idea to poll the residents of the Windy City. To get this done, a unique approach was facilitated by Chicago Now that allowed people to leave their comments and thoughts in chalk on a huge "street chalkboard." Plus people also had the option to go to one of the Chicago Now blogs to leave their comments there.

Via: MarketingAlternatif


  1. This sounds like a risky way to gather information. Someone could walk by carrying a box full of chalk-board erasers, trip, and ruin the entire project.

    I'm also curious how many "shoutouts" are on the board instead of real opinions about the transit system, "shoutouts" and pictures of genitals. I notice someone wrote "Go team!" I'm guessing this person plays some kind of "fantasy train ball."

  2. My guess would be that the whole point was to get people talking about it so that they would go to the website and give comments. No one really intended to capture real data from a chalk board on the street. I think it's brilliant.

  3. Hi guys, thanks for picking it up. I work at the site and think it was a lot of fun. I took a 7 minute video following the whole chalk-blog. If I had the time to follow through, I was hoping to turn it into a Star Wars type "scroll" video.

    That said, it was offline marketing for an online product and placed in a highly trafficked area of downtown Chicago.