August 03, 2009

Student initiative

It is quite easy to be caught up in tiny little nuisances such as slow customer service or not getting the coffee we might desire, but students at the Chattanooga Christian School were able to focus on and embrace a worthy cause. The Feed Benefit Concert was created to help build a school in the Dominican Republic where only 77% of kids attend primary school. To promote the cause t-shirts were imprinted with "I have more than enough. Dominican Republic kids don't." and hung up in various places in the city.

Via: Paul & Anita


  1. This is for a really good cause, but why did they choose to put up T-shirts? They stand out more than flyers would have, for sure, but is there another way they tie in that I'm missing?

  2. It was a student initiative and in my opinion it sticks out more. Plus if a homeless person takes "the sign" you helped him or her get a piece of clothing and now you have a walking billboard.