August 28, 2009

Flying skirt action

We all remember the scene when Marilyn Monroe's skirt flew up when she walked across a subway grate in the movie "The Seven Year Itch," and this was "re-created" in a pedestrian zone to promote a new Marilyn Monroe DVD collection. It is amazing though that so many women seem to be surprised by the sudden exposure for this ambient marketing activity. Surely enough that air vent / subway grate isn't brand new in this part of town.


  1. this is genius - and i love marilyn monroe

  2. Great Idea! Who doesn't enjoy recreating that famous scene! Love it!

    My clients are always looking for new marketing ideas and this was great.

  3. don't be naive dear guerilla marketeers. of course the air vent surprises people. if not for any other reason, then because lisbon is full of tourists any time of year. right?