June 22, 2009

Old guerrilla marketing stuff

Many people think that guerrilla marketing is a very recent phenomenon, but some non traditional marketing concepts date way back. Rock City in Tennessee started a very unique marketing campaign in the mid 30s using existing barns along popular roads in the Southeast and the Midwest and painted their "ads" on them. As big as would fit on the side or the roof of the barn, it said "See Rock City" or "See 7 states from Rock City." At one point there were almost 900 barns with the Rock City logo but the rules in terms of signs changed with the Interstates. Today the still existing 70 Rock City barns are popular tourist attractions.


  1. I have seen some of these barns. They are cool indeed.

  2. What a shame that this is no longer allowed.

  3. yeah, I grew up in TN. These barns were all over the place. Make me nostalgic. Thanks for posting!