June 17, 2009

Coming soon

A new Guerrilla Communication site is in the works, and it will be all hand drawn and sketched. I expect it to be live and ready in another month, but I have a little teaser below. Usually I don't like splash pages, but the guy who does the drawings for me did such a nice job with the sample template that I am considering using it.


  1. That looks good.

  2. Hello Herbert,

    i really enjoy visiting your your site's blog from time to time an inspire myself how to better market the product I am responsible for.

    For the new design of your homepage i am looking forward to see your different approach. Just recently I stumbled on a similar approach in which I was part of a full day workshop in which the notes were drawn by a proffesional illustrator an thus made the day not only entertaining but also much more valuable.

    So, I am looking out for your smart move ...

    Markus Krabel