March 25, 2009

Spring has sprung

After a long winter many people just can't wait for spring to come around with all those beautiful colors and warmer temperatures. Havaianas apparently want to lend a helping hand and recently brought spring in form of colorful flipflops planted in a few famous public spaces. Guerrilla marketing or a selfless act to make people happy? Either way, I feel very springy already.



  1. You can get the photos in Hi Def on There is also a screensaver, and a lot of links to get in touch with Havaianas.

  2. And do you feel in a Summer mood as well?
    Because tomorrow, Havaianas is celebrating Summer in 5 European cities, London, Paris, Lisbon, Milan and Madrid.
    And this time, it's gonna be about fashion and Havaianas Girls!
    If you are in one of those cities tomorrow (Sunday 21st), come and celebrate Summer with us:

  3. Hi,
    To celebrate the autumn, Havaianas asked to the same students than the Spring operation to make again a Tour of Europe to spread a new idea " The Mental Holidays " to keep our mind in summer.

    Photos on