February 26, 2009

The devil at work

Big bike races are getting increasingly popular for guerrilla marketing concepts, self promotion and political statements. In the recent 2009 Amgen Tour of California, a man dressed up as the "Liveclean" devil ran along the cyclists with a syringe pitch fork and clearly mocked/called out one particular athlete. Other outfits seen during that race were a pair of sumo wrestlers, a guy with elk antlers and a Borat wannabe.

Running along the cyclists has existed for quite a while but is a fairly dangerous practice as a stumble and fall could create quite an accident. In the images below, Tim De Waele captured an incredible series of pictures that show an obviously miffed Lance Armstrong "dealing" with the "issue." Does that make his Team Astana sponsors and Livestrong foundation proud? What if the devil had fallen into the path of the cyclists behind Lance? Maybe the Liveclean devil is having the last laugh now.


  1. Lance is the devil himself

  2. Perhaps the title should read 'Imagine a spectator being allowed to do this to a runner' it just wouldn't be allowed, any high profile marathon or atheletics event is heavily marshalled and or Policed.
    If someone out there has any evidence of Armstrong wrong doings, tell us, do the decent thing and go public, we all have a right to know, until this happens opinions are only, well, just that.
    As for the devil spectator, if someone jeopardised my right to earn a living by stupid action I would also take appropriate action, this spectator is risking himself and many of the other athletes with his stupidity.
    I find it very interesting that Armstrong is targeted by this spectator and this article when there are other proven dopers who have returned to the peleton of this particular race and cycling in general, what a fantastic role model they are for future generations?Change the record it's boring, until Armstrong is actually caught having done something he remains one of cyclings greats.

  3. Mark,
    Running along and being stupid is clearly dangerous and I pointed that out, but it has been a tradition in cycling long before there was a Lance Armstrong. The point is, if it is so dangerous, why is Lance pushing the guy? Other bike racers have been disqualified before for aggressively touching spectators.