February 11, 2009

A consumer tribute

Word of mouth advertising is very effective and an online consumer tribute like the one directed towards Trader Joe's certainly falls into that category too. It is very cute and seems quite real with a few "negative" things pointed out and it seemingly having been shot on a Palm Treo. But maybe this is just clever self promotion/guerrilla marketing for Carl's Fine Films. Either way, it is very cute.

Via: BrandFreak


  1. Love it. This kind of stuff is priceless, really. Esp. with 50,000+ views and rising!

  2. truthful/entertaining for all TJ "addicts" and quite possibly very effective for the future "addicts"...

  3. Ha ha. I live next to the Trader Joes on La Brea... This sums it up exactly. But I have to wear my headphones when I go in or I'll have a panic attack. That place is one hell of a cluster f$%#! But I love it. :) Job well done. Thanks for sharing.