June 27, 2008

Smart marketing

Smart cars are certainly small enough where you could imagine them in a vending machine, but the featured Smart vending machine below is just a nice guerrilla marketing gimmick in Japan and dispenses Smart information. With the current gas costs it would appear that Smart cars pretty much sell themselves and the folks who would really need such a stunt are the Hummer marketing people. But then again, Hummers are too big for a vending machine too.

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June 25, 2008

Guerrilla images in photographs

Julius von Bismarck designed a device called the Image Fulgurator that senses when the flash of other people's cameras goes off. It then projects an image or message onto the photographs these people are taking. Could such a device be used for guerrilla marketing tactics? Absolutely, but ideally only to project the name of your fiercest competitor onto the photos. After all I am quite sure that this would create some serious hate for whoever "killed" that precious image. :-)

Check out the image fulgurator in action here

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June 23, 2008

Ambient prison cell

Amnesty International is currently doing an ambient marketing "cell tour" campaign across the United States to protest illegal US detentions. A cell similar to those used at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba is used to really bring the point across and by-passers are encouraged to try on the cell for size and record a message for the official site of the tour.

June 20, 2008

It is raining a weak currency

Lots of one dollars bills recently rained from the sky at the opening of the 74° edition of the Pitti Immagine Uomo, a fashion fair in Italy. It was a guerrilla marketing campaign to promote the new Italian fashion brand NEWYORKESE and the one dollar bills were stamped with the slogan "Tu vuò fa l'americano ma si' Made in Italy." Based on the title of a famous Italian song by Renato Carosone it means "you want to be American but you are Made in Italy."

It also appears to mean that "you want to be American but you don't want the weak American dollar." After all, several folks seemed to be less than enthused to bend over and pick up the FREE bills.

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June 18, 2008

Guerrilla paint scratch

To remind people how easily the paint of their cars can get scratched, Accent Panel & Paint in Auckland, New Zealand utilized cards that looked like lottery scratch tickets.

June 16, 2008

Lego guerrilla education

To promote the new Lego Education Center in Brisbane, Australia utilized the safety bubble-mats on steps and foot paths around the city. They added a bit of color and a logo and bam, done.

Agency: Publicis Mojo, Australia

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June 13, 2008

Take back the Tour

Versus network is reaching out to passionate cyclists with their Take back the Tour viral marketing campaign and encourages them to take it back from the dopers, critics and politicians. It also encourages cycling fans to watch this amazing event on Versus from July 5 through July 27. Is there actually anything else to do in July?

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June 11, 2008

Ikea out of the box

Here is a nifty out of the box guerrilla marketing stunt for Ikea to promote the opening of a new store in Brooklyn, NY. That 20x20 box sounds great indeed for Brooklyn but it appears that for Manhattan they'll have to work with a 10x 10 version.

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June 09, 2008

Write it in the sky

For the campaign "Difficult is worth doing" 19 skydivers had a bit over 3 minutes in freefall to spell out the word Honda. The guerrilla marketing stunt took place in Spain and is actually the build up for a bigger one over the Mojave Desert with over 40 skydivers later this year.

June 06, 2008

A kick in the Derrie Air

Check out this nice little guerrilla marketing activity for the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News and Philly.com via the fake airline Derrie Air. Derrie Air's business slogan that you pay per pound of weight if you want to fly with them raised a lot of eyebrows and was supposedly designed to show that print ads are still effective. Hmmm? Well, it really got lots of folks about these Philly news entities and isn't that what maybe the ultimate goal was?

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June 04, 2008

Puzzling guerrilla marketing

Ravensburger is actually a company based not too far from where I grew up and their puzzles and games are something I grew up with. They recently started an ambient marketing / guerrilla marketing campaign on demolition sites in Germany to promote their puzzles. Nice indeed, but how are we supposed to get those huge puzzle boxes in our homes?

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June 02, 2008

Build it and they will come

Well, create a good fake story and they will come to your site. That is what Lyndon Antcliff set up as a nifty guerrilla marketing campaign for money.co.uk as linkbait. And come they did indeed to money.co.uk, seemingly driving their rankings up from 80,000 to under 6,000. The story now has a disclaimer, but faux news organization Fox News took it hook, line and sinker.

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