May 30, 2008

Improv guerrilla marketing

I recently stumbled upon a great stunt by Improv Everywhere and realized quickly that they are not a one trick pony. They cause szenes indeed.

May 28, 2008

Bloody ambient marketing

To get some attention for the TV release of Kill Bill in New Zealand, blood splatter appeared to come off the TV2 billboards onto the sidewalk and the cars in the vicinity. We knew it is quite a violent bloody movie, but WOW. Should this be considered bloody ambient marketing?

May 23, 2008

Beach war of words

City officials of Virginia Beach claim that Myrtle Beach is using guerrilla marketing tactics to promote their beaches over those of Virginia Beach. These officials are actually referring to google ads that show up when you search for the term Virginia Beach. Guerrilla marketing? Not really. But are these complaints by the Virginia Beach officials actually a guerrilla marketing attempt to have people talk about Virginia Beach? Hmmmm?

May 21, 2008

Mac love?

Consumer generated marketing truly shows that your brand has arrived and Macintosh is well known to have great brand image and loyalty. The following ode to Mac shows that there is no end in sight of that phenomenon, even if it is masqueraded as a music video for the song "again and again" of "the bird and the bee." Or is this truly just fine guerrilla marketing for the band?

Via: beyondmadisonavenue

May 19, 2008

Yellow with envy

Yellow pages in Israel customized various outdoor ads to make them unique and memorable. That gets people to look at them, remember them and talk about them. A very simple guerrilla marketing concept. Anybody yellow with envy that they didn't think of that? :-)

May 16, 2008

Paint a little picture

Who ever thought that "Bob Ross" would be a great guerrilla marketing dude? Well, the Dutch Nobel Foundation used "Bob Ross" to bring an important message to young creatives online.

Via: adverblog

May 14, 2008

Fashion guerrilla marketing

The following guerrilla marketing campaign for Grazia magazine is actually a student work by Tom Sillars and quite impressive. During the London Fashion Weekend two models sported dresses made from a single issue of Grazia magazine and in addition to catching many eyes in the streets, they also managed to get on the catwalk itself.

May 12, 2008

Fairtrade marketing

The Max Havelaar Foundation combines 23 Fairtrade producers/initiatives across Europe, Asia, Latin America, North America, Africa, Australia and New Zealand and the Max Havelaar label was the world's first Fairtrade Certification Mark. Max Havelaar France is using the following viral marketing video to promote Fairtrade and and of course that helps guerrilla marketing Fairtrade around the world. :-)

May 09, 2008

What a cute baby

Well, "What fits in there?" is most likely what most passersby will wonder when they come past this seemingly abandoned stroller. Not really a baby, but a nifty guerrilla marketing idea for the Calgary Zoo to announce the arrival of a baby giraffe.

May 07, 2008

Kiss anyone?

Mentos has a new interactive site called mentoskisscam that allows users to be kissed online by a sexy female or male model. It requires that the user has a webcam, but who hasn't got one these days? I guess you could call it a guerrilla marketing spin of sorts on second life.

Via: Ad Freak

May 05, 2008

Sticky stuff

If you want to promote that your bubble gum is bigger and badder than the ones of the competition, why not really show it. Hubba Bubba in South Africa has billboards that appear as if the "6 Feet of Gum" message has been attached with giant gobs of gum. Doesn't this ambient marketing campaign also convey to folks who utilize public transportation or other public spaces that they should be worried that they might get stuck to these giant gobs of gum themselves? :-)

Via: Ads of the world

May 02, 2008

Beer raining from the Heavens

Carlton Draught from Australia produced a very entertaining "Sky Troop" video that is currently making the rounds on the internet. Many people talk about wanting beer to rain down from the heavens, but most likely not the way it is featured in this video.

Via: Adfoblog