January 28, 2008

Tiger this

In German speaking countries people call crosswalks "Zebrastreifen" or zebra stripes. The Salzburg Zoo had a little fun with the name and in a guerrilla marketing campaign created tiger stripes with the reminder "more than zebras, the Salzburg Zoo."

Agency: .start, Germany

January 25, 2008

Sushi anyone?

As I often say, simple does it most of the times. This is a nice ambient marketing idea for Yuzu Sushi, until of course that image gets dirty and becomes not very appetizing.

Agency: Lg2, Canada

Via: Ad goodness

January 23, 2008

Havaianas: Say it through flowers

To promote their new style flower imprinted flip flops, Havaianas created flower beds reminiscent of their flip flops. It showed the connection of Havaianas to nature and also made passersby aware of the brand's funky colors and designs. Nice guerrilla marketing.

Agency: BBDO New York

Via: Ads of the world

January 21, 2008


This commercial for Bud Light is proof that sentences as means of communication are way overrated. With 1,791,441 views in roughly 2 months on youtube it also is proof that viral marketing works when the subject matter is good.

And just in time for the Superbowl season, we have a football version.

January 18, 2008

Apple ad turned viral

if you visit the website of the New York Times you are likely to stumble upon a well executed advertisement from Apple. In a play on an older interactive ad, PC actor John Hodgman reacts to the Wall Street Journal quote in the banner ad above and tries to change the pro-Apple ad by pasting "NOT" at the end of "Leopard is better and faster than Vista". This ad is now traveling like wildfire around the internet giving Apple (the advertiser) and the NY Times (the advertising vehicle) a great viral marketing boost.

via: Ad Freak

January 16, 2008

Pin this

To promote an acupuncture center in Berlin, advertising posters for the center were pinned in an acupuncture way in various high traffic locations. Nice guerrilla marketing.

Agency: BBDO, Berlin

January 14, 2008

Air Canada working above

A simple logically placement of large bright yellow cones with the reminder that 25 Air Canada flights go daily to Toronto is a very nicely done guerrilla marketing stunt indeed. They are obviously working hard above and based on this campaign apparently nicely underground.

Agency: Marketel, Canada

January 11, 2008

Guerrilla fertilizer marketing

Once you see this guerrilla marketing campaign for Seramis, it is quite clear that they believe that their fertilizer is powerful. At the very least, the message is memorable.

Agency: Scholz and Friends, Berlin

Via: I believe in Advertising

January 07, 2008

Old school guerrilla marketing

Most marketing campaigns come and go in a nano second, while a few appear to be around forever. Were these old tile work ads like the one for Schlitz beer the original guerrilla marketing campaigns? Funny also how some ads outlast the brand.

Via: AdPulp

January 04, 2008

Sparks guerrilla marketing

Sparks is a citrus-flavored malt drink laced with caffeine that is most promoted through various ambient and guerrilla marketing efforts. Sparks is owned by Miller Brewing but Miller's name is not really associated with the brand, because that certainly would not be cool.

January 02, 2008

Gaia pushes hard

Animal rights group Gaia in Belgium suggests with this ambient marketing approach to "Torture these geese, but spare the real ones. Don't eat Foie Gras."

Via: Direct Daily