October 24, 2008

2008 7-election presidential coffee poll

This is now the 3rd time that neighborhood 7-Eleven(R) stores offered a somewhat unscientific yet scarily accurate presidential coffee cup poll. Cleverly referred to as 7-election, in the 2000 inaugural event, now-President George Bush out-cupped Democratic nominee, Sen. Al Gore by 1 percentage point. Just before the next presidential election in 2004, President Bush coffee cups outsold Sen. John Kerry ones by 2 percentage points. The current 2008 7-election runs until election day and at this time sales of the blue 20-ounce cups for Democratic candidate, Sen. Barack Obama have crushed the sale of the red 20-ounce cups for Republican nominee, Sen. John McCain. Details of the undecided vote are not known at this time.

Very clever 7-Eleven marketing idea. (the McCain staff is now forced to buy a lot of coffee)

You choose Obama, undecided or McCain in coffee

The current 7-election map looks mighty blue


  1. Should customers be forced to add extra cream to McCain coffees? Or maybe when they choose the McCain cup, they also have to choose the almost empty old burnt-up coffee pot.

    Personally, I think this country needs to choose red bull instead of coffee altogether. That'll give our economy kick in the ass.

  2. Why are the candidates even still spending money? It looks like the fat lady has sung her song. :-)

  3. I want an Obama cup from my local coffee shop.

  4. I am going to visit 7eleven more often now for my coffee.