June 06, 2008

A kick in the Derrie Air

Check out this nice little guerrilla marketing activity for the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News and Philly.com via the fake airline Derrie Air. Derrie Air's business slogan that you pay per pound of weight if you want to fly with them raised a lot of eyebrows and was supposedly designed to show that print ads are still effective. Hmmm? Well, it really got lots of folks about these Philly news entities and isn't that what maybe the ultimate goal was?

Via: Ad Freak

1 comment:

  1. I remember seeing this!! It was definitely one of those "What the ***?" moments.

    If the goal was to raise awareness of print advertising in the Daily News, that is one hell of a guerrilla marketing job by the Daily News!

    Kudos for that one, and kudos to you guys for the find!