June 20, 2008

It is raining a weak currency

Lots of one dollars bills recently rained from the sky at the opening of the 74° edition of the Pitti Immagine Uomo, a fashion fair in Italy. It was a guerrilla marketing campaign to promote the new Italian fashion brand NEWYORKESE and the one dollar bills were stamped with the slogan "Tu vuò fa l'americano ma si' Made in Italy." Based on the title of a famous Italian song by Renato Carosone it means "you want to be American but you are Made in Italy."

It also appears to mean that "you want to be American but you don't want the weak American dollar." After all, several folks seemed to be less than enthused to bend over and pick up the FREE bills.

Via: adrants


  1. Nice action! maybe folks didn't pick up the money 'cause seems to be fake dollars

  2. They may look fake indeed, but does that make them less worth? :-)

    Just kidding.

  3. you need to understand Italians... they would never "lose face" in public. Right or wrong... they would never have other people see them scamper around.