March 05, 2008

Hubba Bubba marketing

Hubba Bubba bubble gum wanted to promote in Germany that massive bubbles can be created with their gum. So to achieve this, they attached balloons that looked like Hubba Bubba bubbles and attached them to existing billboards and posters in this very nifty guerrilla marketing campaign.

Agency: BBDO Germany


  1. Doesn't this kind of piss some people off? How can they just deface other ads with their own?

  2. I guess the answer is most likely "it depends." If I have more people looking at my ads because of it, and or my ads are now posted all over the internet because of it, and as long as my message is not destroyed, I guess I would be fine with it. :-)

  3. If you're on a site that's called guerilla marketing, you should expect there to be some controversial techniques. I oftentimes wish there was more ingenious ideas like this posted.
    Otherwise, just call it "creative marketing".
    As a tattoo artist, I make up thousands of vinyl stickers, and give them out for free. Everyone loves stickers, and if they make their way onto other people's billboards, telephone booths, etc., it's not my responsibility.