August 17, 2014

A good business card matters

Folks who order a ton of cheap business cards only do that vendor a service and not themselves.  It is better to order fewer cards of a high quality, and it is even better to have none versus a crappy one.  Depending on your business you can also try to think outside the box.  Will your card stick out?  We will add a few examples over the next few months of cards we approve - like this brothers landscaping one.  This is a card the recipient is likely going to share with friends and coworkers.

July 30, 2014

Inglorious fruits and vegetables

We often say it is not so much about the product, but how you package and sell it - and that has certainly been true for the French supermarket chain Intermarch√© with their inglorious fruit and vegetable campaign.  Usually these ugly cousins get discarded, but packaged and presented nicely they did sell well.  Plus it taught people about wasting food.

What is not to love about a grotesque apple?

April 04, 2014

Owning equals caring

That is the message delivered by this beautiful spot of the British supermarket chain Waitrose.   The "when you own something, you care a little more" strap line should remind shoppers that employes of Waitrose have ownership and thus care more - for the customer of course.  The plot is simple, a boy plants a carrot and cares for it until it is grown, not as massive as in The Carrot Seed, but very cute just the same.

February 14, 2014

A clever Valentine's Day stunt - dissected

Brit brand funnyhowflowersdothat knew quite well that many news sites look for cute Valentine's Day items and they jumped on it hard and found plenty of red warm heart suckers including us. The recipe? Create one cute flower box, theme it Valentine's Day, place in a location for a quick photo, make sure the Eiffel Tower is visible, and then led the image slip out. Action.  And that red box was likely there only for 20 minutes

Plus of course which Parisians would opt to order flowers in the UK no matter how cute the action is?  So no need to leave it there.  :-)

February 07, 2014

The social media honky phenom

There are a few different definitions for the slang term honky, but most folks are familiar with the  Wikipedia definition of "white men who would honk their car horns and wait for black prostitutes to come outside in urban areas in the early 1910s."  We are not sure if these white men were just too lazy to get out of their cars or felt embarrassed about being in that situation, but being lazy or embarrassed seems to now drive folks on social media channels to look for shortcuts too.  Instead of responding to that other person or re-tweeting an interesting update, it gets simply favored.  The same on LinkedIn where folks apparently can't spend the time to recommend or communicate otherwise with a person, so instead they just endorse.  And on Facebook would it be so hard to actually to leave a relevant comment versus just hitting the Like button?   So come on now, don't be a social media honky.

January 09, 2014

It is freezing out there, but wait...

Arizona is trying to lure folks to sunny Arizona and they used a perfectly placed clever billboard in Chicago to bring home that point.  With temps well below freezing in the windy city it is not too far fetched to think that folks might enjoy to warm up in Arizona.  And with this billboard likely making rounds in social media other folks in cold regions might also be inspired.

December 16, 2013

Bad timing

Timing is an important part of our daily life, and we sometimes have to learn the hard way when our timing is off.  That is also true in this beautiful mock advertisement by European visual effects studio Cinesite.  Hopefully this spot gives the crew more work in North America too, because what is currently running in real ads here is quite lame. 

December 10, 2013

Merry Christmas from WestJet

At this time of the year, this WestJet Christmas Miracle surprise is a very heartwarming and welcome one.   Folks on a couple of WestJet flight got to tell Santa what they wanted and there was some real time giving.  Many happy families got a big surprise after their flight and the WestJet volunteers involved in this guerrilla marketing stunt surely must have felt great too.  Merry Christmas.  

This was actually the second time the WestJet folks made some travelers happy at Christmas time.

November 21, 2013

Tears, rain and whiskey = beautiful

A beautiful and haunting spot for Tullamore Dew may get you a little verklemmt or happy, or both. . 
Friends get together on a rainy Irish day to say good bye to a buddy and share a bottle of Tullamore Dew.  Created by NY based Opperman Weiss and shot in Ireland.  Buy your airline ticket to
Ireland right now, or at the very least go to a liquor store and get a bottle of Tullamore Dew.  Cheers.

November 19, 2013

Don't just give us pink, we have brains

It surely seems to be popular to load up rooms of little girls with pink beds, ponies, balls and other pink toys, and in general it is not wise to put little kids into a gender box.  GoldieBlox aims to change that why shouldn't little girls wear hard hats and aim to be engineers.  In a fun Rube Goldberg setup 3 little girls have had it with pink.

November 18, 2013

A bit of warmth from Kohl's

I personally find Kohl's to be an ultra depressing department store, but this most recent Christmas season ad is quite clever and touching.  I expected the kids to storm in once the parents rushed out of the nicely Christmas decorated room, but oh no, there is a surprisingly warm twist.   Ho, Ho, Ho.

November 14, 2013

The most amazing split by Jean-Claude Van Damme

You will likely feel that your strength and flexibility means nothing when you see this amazing Volvo Trucks ad with Jean-Claude Van Damme, but it is really not meant to crap on your ego, but to promote the stability and precision of Volvo Dynamic Steering.  The relaxed and calm Van Damme combined with the smooth Enya sounds and of course the smooth driving truckers makes me want to run to a Volvo Truck store right now.  

November 04, 2013

Run like .....

Asics ran a cute ad during the ING NYC Marathon and it featured a treadmill set to the pace of American marathoner Ryan Hall.  Folks were harnessed to avoid face plants or other accidents, but it was still amusing to watch.   Now had Ryan Hall actually raced in the event and done reasonably well the 60 second spot would have been even more clever.


October 25, 2013

Being caught - singing along

Many of us have been caught either singing along in the car or in the shower, but few get caught doing so in a corporate meeting.  Still most of us can likely relate to this very nicely done VW spot that has already over 1,000,000 views.  Take me on.

September 04, 2013

Chained in Columbia

We recently noticed this massive chain connecting 2 buildings in Columbia, SC and while this would make for a good guerrilla marketing piece for a chain manufacturer we suspect that this is merely a cute art installation.  Anyone know the details?

August 13, 2013

Sometimes small thinks big

You don't have to be big to think big, and that was true for small agency Copacino+Fujikado, LLC who put up a billboard to congratulate Publicis + Omnicon on their recent merger.  Nice work by this Seattle team.

Now maybe Publicis and Omnicon can put one up when Copacino+Fujikado, LLC and Guerrilla Communication join together.  Wouldn't that be sweet


July 26, 2013

Carlos Danger motors on

Anthony Weiner is not only fodder for the late night TV shows but this troubled political figure now also provides material for clever ad folks, and of course in some cases for not so clever ones.  In the case below though, a new Twitter account by Carlos D Motor goes to the heart of the matter.  D by the way stands for Danger.  With a self portrait style image in a bathroom this MINI Cooper S  apparently wants to know "Wanna get your hands on my stick?"    We thus assume it is not an automatic transmission Danger man. 

July 23, 2013

Carling darling ad

People like to jump on the Royals bandwagon and that is also true for advertisers.  British beer maker Carling made a nice decorator ad that should stand out from the herd.   It is actually quite cute and we are certain there is a "slightly different" version of this It Is A Boy one.    

July 19, 2013

Levitation stunt

Pepsi Max did a levitation guerrilla marketing stunt with British performer Dynamo in London, and while the spot is nicely done, how would anyone know that this is work for Pepsi?  All these folks snapping pictures on their smartphones just taking pics of a dude hanging on a bus, but really no connection that is obvious. Yes, there is a banner on the bus, but still.  Plus it is fake.

July 03, 2013

Kobe Bryant vs Lionel Messi

Turkish Airlines is running a cute spot with Kobe Bryant and Lionel Messi trying to impress a young boy on a flight, but they could not really run that spot in the US since most folks there would have no clue who Messi is.   Nor would they care.   Sad

June 18, 2013

iRobot dance

When a small robotic floor vacuum can inspire its owners to dance is that really the future we want for ourselves?  Shouldn't robots be like us and not the other way around?  

June 14, 2013


Folks from BBDO Germany used the superb skills and strengths of 500,000 leafcutter ants for a Save the Rainforest campaign for WWF.  Beautifully executed and very memorable. 

May 30, 2013

Acupuncture business cards

We love very clever business cards and these ones for Acupuncturist Steve Li certainly made us smile. He recycled old business cards and laser perforated his details in them. Folks who get these cards are likely to share them with friends, but likely will hold on to them. So there is a card that continuously does guerrilla marketing for the business owner. Smart idea and bonus for the added recycling touch.

May 13, 2013

A very sticky situation

The idea of the Orphea4D Protection marketing billboard is not a unique new one, but it is likely new and fascinating to many.  Sticky residue on the billboard in the shape of a spray mist attracts mosquitoes and other bugs and shows onlookers that this insect spray really works.  Slowly and patiently.

Now that is quite effective.

May 07, 2013

Vancouver Aquarium Anglerfish promotion

You don't have to be an angler to appreciate the clever Vancouver Aquarium promotion for the anglerfish.   "Lights with appetites" were popular with most folks passing by, and stimulated conversation.

Angling for visitors to the Vancouver Aquarium

May 06, 2013

Somewhat invisible Child Abuse help

Spain's Anar (Aid to Children and Adolescents at Risk) Foundation currently uses an ad that shows different messages for adults and children - but at the same time. A lenticular top layer makes this possible and folks under 4'5" (usually kids) will see stuff taller folks won't see.  The idea is that often the abuser might be with the child and would not stop if they saw the complete message.  So indeed, "sometimes, child abuse is only visible to the child suffering it. "

Only kids will typically see this.

April 24, 2013

To the MAX - prank

Can you imagine being a hard working auto sales person and then you get taken for a crazy ride by a customer.  You may be able to put on a smile but your underwear likely will have to go to the cleaners asap.  Jeff Gordon was the disguised customer here in this marketing stunt for Pepsi MAX and the 3:46 long youtube clip has been viewed more than 34 million times.

That car sales person likely aged a few years here.

April 16, 2013

Don't touch my car

We often preach that marketing folks should not mess with people's cars, as most people just don't want others to touch their cars.   Below though is an example of a brand in Florida that has decided to try that avenue in a guerrilla marketing stunt and while it all looks cute and clever, there is no picture of any annoyed car owners returning to their cars.  Yes it is a $5 skewer coupon from Fatz, but if you want to stick anything on my car it better be cash money.  :-)

April 08, 2013

I don't want any trouble

Apparently no one wants any trouble, but trouble is clearly in plain view. The young man hiding behind the shelves though needs to be told at the end that his "chance to be a hero is long gone."  Nice work for the Volkswagen Beetle and well over 1,000,000 views already on youtube.  Video must have been shot in Boulder, CO where shit weather is again on the horizon, and it is April folks.  Sorry about that, back to the topic at hand.  Entertaining video for sure thanks in part to the beautiful voice of Eduard Khil aka Mr. Trololo.

April 02, 2013

F1 Grand Prix of America

This is an awesome promotional spot for the F1 Grand Prix of America in New Jersey, a race that may or may not happen.  Either way this is a great spot for Red Bell, New York City and New Jersey.  and it is approaching 1,000,000 views on youtube.  Vroom, vroom

March 27, 2013

A heartwarming Chili's story

We say over and over that great customer service is the best marketing, and here is another such fine example from Midvale, Utah, where a server and manager at a Chili's restaurant were quick on their feet and showed kindness and passion to a woman and her autistic little sister. Anna Kaye MacLean posted her experience on Chili's Facebook wall (see below for full post) and the photo of her sister kissing the burger has received 750,000 likes and more than 40,000 comments.  Now that is indeed great marketing.

Via:  AdFreak

The full post; "I want to share the experience that my husband, 7 year old autistic sister and I had today at the Chili's location in Midvale, UT. Arianna, my little sister, didn't waste any time when our waitress, Lauren, greeted us at our table. Arianna promptly ordered her cheeseburger with pickles, french fries, and chocolate milk before Lauren could even take our drink order. Lauren smiled and told Arianna, "Okay! I'll be right back with your chocolate milk!". When we got our food I was wondering why Arianna wouldn't touch her cheeseburger, but was going to town on her french fries. I asked her, "Arianna are you going to eat your cheeseburger?" She calmly said, "No, I don't want it." Cheeseburgers, or 'Krabby Patties' as we sometimes call them, are her FAVORITE! So this behavior was VERY strange. So I asked her, "Why don't you want it?". She replied, "It's broken. I need another one thats fixed." Then it dawned on me why she wasn't eating it. It's because it was cut in half. Being a child with autism, she has to have certain things in a particular order at all times. One slight change in her routine can change the course of the day instantly. When Lauren came back to check on us, I asked if we could order another cheeseburger and just add it to our check. She had a concerned look on her face so I explained that Arianna has autism, and that in her mind, because the cheeseburger was cut in half, she thinks its broken and can't eat it. I told Lauren I knew it sounded silly, but if we could just order an additional one we will gladly pay for it because there was nothing wrong with the one that was originally brought out. Lauren was so sweet and just smiled and went along with Arianna, telling her "I brought you a broken cheeseburger?! You know what, I'll have them cook you a new one!" I loved this because rather than just taking it from the table, she actually TOLD Arianna what she was doing. While this seems insignificant, by her telling Arianna what she was doing, we avoided a melt down. The manager, Bradley Cottermole, then came to our table, kneeled down, and said to Arianna, "I heard we gave you a broken cheeseburger! I am so sorry about that! We are making you a brand new one that isn't broken, with pickles! I'll bring you some french fries to munch on while you're waiting, ok?" A couple of minutes later, Lauren arrived back at our table with cheeseburger #2. Arianna said, "OH FANK YOU! You fixded my cheeseburger!" When Lauren walked away, Arianna just sat there for a second and looked at her new burger. She looked like so deep in thought....just staring at it....then she let out a big "OH I missed you!!" and started kissing the burger over and over again. I showed Lauren this picture and said, "I think we glorified the cheeseburger too much!" She busted up laughing, and asked if she could go show her manager. She came back a minute later and said she showed everyone in the back kitchen area too, and that it made them all laugh and smile. I was so touched by this experience. Especially since I know people who have been asked to leave restaurants when their child with autism is being disruptive. I expected a few different things with this scenario based on past experiences, but I did NOT expect such kind and compassionate mannerisms from Lauren and Bradley. Everyone, from the hostess to the chef, played a role in what most people would think isn't a big deal. But this entirely shaped how the rest of our day would go. I know...a cheeseburger cut in half literally could make or break our day. In this case thanks to the professionalism of the crew in Midvale, it made our day. And I'm sure Arianna brightened up at least one of the employees days with her silly little personality. Thank you."

March 21, 2013

The skinny on Ahlens

It turns out that these average sized mannequins belong to the Ahlens clothing brand in Sweden and that is a smart and cool way to connect to your actual client base and potentially unintended great self marketing. These though may not be average in the obese USA, but in Europe that seems to make sense. Big thumbs up for Ahlens.

March 06, 2013

Back seat drivers

We know that typically kids and animals make for great ads, and the folks at Volvo apparently understand this too. Listen to these back seat Volvo drivers and you are most likely sold.

February 26, 2013

Mirror finish

We are not sure about the cleaner brand promoted here with this guerrilla marketing effort, but of course we are not the audience. The folks in the bathroom below will gather rather fast that if they want a nice mirror finish on their appliances, this cleaning product is the way to go.

February 21, 2013

From Milan To Tokyo in a flash

When Fastweb in Milan, Italy wanted to show their potential customers how fast their internet and phone service is, they decided to show them the world, or Tokyo, Japan to be more precise. Can you imagine boarding the subway somewhere in Milan and the next stop turns out to be Shibuya station in Tokyo? Now that is super fast indeed - and a nice guerrilla marketing effort.

Via Marketing Alternatif

February 18, 2013

On the outside looking in

The AdAge Power 150 ranking lists the top marketing blogs in the world and ours is dancing around the outside edge of that 150 list. Clearly we would love to be in the Top 10, but in a listing of over 1000 blogs it could also be well worse.

Milka kisses

In Europe Milka challenges their customers to be loving and show it in public. For the Karaokiss promotion on Valentine's Day in Spain couples wore a bracelet that detected the exact moment in which their lips touched each other. Thevreard for those who played along - tender and sweet Milka chocolate.

February 08, 2013

Suffering from HIPSTER?

Are you currently wearing jeans you stole from your sister's wardrobe? You may be suffering from Hipster, but luckily there is a cure. Unpretentiousil - and it apparently stops douchebaggery at its root. Comes in three flavors - Pabst Blue Ribbon, Natty White and Soy.

Via : AdVerve

February 05, 2013

Don't fear the plumber

Customers are often afraid to encounter the plumber's crack and to make this sight a bit more attractive, German ad group Scholz & Friends apparently suggested the following t-shirt. It isn't hawking a real product or brand, but it is an amusing idea just the same. Of course that concept would work better with more stay at home dads.

February 01, 2013

Hema Mega Push-Up Bra

Dutch brand Hema is not alone in terms of offering a bra that adds two cup sizes, but they needed a stunt to stick out from the crowd. And the idea they came up with for that Mega Push-Up Bra is quite simple and unique "If a man can look like that, imagine the possibilities for a woman."

The campaign

Via: DirectDaily

January 28, 2013

Get Happy

It is tough to not have a smile on your face when you see this VW Get Happy Monday spot. And yes, no need to comment about racism etc. Relax already.

January 24, 2013

Child of the 90s

I don't even remember when I last used Internet Explorer and apparently I am not alone. A very cool new ad tells us "You grew up. So did we. Reconnect with the new Internet Explorer." Very nice homage to the 90s and Internet Explorer might not be the only thing you want to bring back into your life, but at least Internet Explorer will be truly new and different.

January 16, 2013

Roll on Big Mama

This outdoor Mercedes campaign is not bad, but it seems a bit of a stretch. Stickers on top of passing cars in the Netherlands were promoting the Mercedes Actros truck, and how cool it is. Now if you were in a Volvo truck would you just think all those folks are blind

January 12, 2013

Into Space with Axe

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin just announced Axe Apollo Space Academy and some lucky folks might be able to venture with Axe into Space. With that much excitement and fear, those lucky ones better have a good deodorant.

January 02, 2013

No one wants crappy gifts

An no one really wants trash as a donation. Apparently that has been an issue for non profit Les Petit Riens in Belgium and they decided to make this concern a bit more public. This Santa in Brussels brought some unexpected gifts.

December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

As the year 2012 comes to an end you are likely looking at your watch or a clock to count down the time to midnight. The spot below from MySwitzerland is also about clocks, but not really about time, but we think you will walk away with the resolution to visit Switzerland in 2013.

December 20, 2012

The Motherhood featuring Fiat 500 SL

It isn't easy to be a mother (or a parent in general) and as the father of relatively young twins can certainly relate to the plight of the woman in this Fiat UK spot. The woman has virtually everything taken away from her that made her cool and hip, but she still has a very stylish and sexy Fiat 500 SL. This 3:12 spot is very well done and appears to be designed to stay online. It is a good thing then that it is currently approaching 1,000.000 views, and we'd expect it to go well over it.

December 19, 2012

Crafty Canadian work

What looked to be an amazing captured video of an eagle snatching a child turns out to be the crafty work of students at Montreal's 3D technology school, Centre NAD. So it is a hoax and not real, but their hard work has currently been seen by 2,600,000 pairs of eyes as we speak. Many guerrilla marketing folks would love to get that kind of response.

December 13, 2012

Low rider action

This GameStop Low rider Commercial is very well done and suggests you should "roll home fat with holiday goodies." So get on it and put some weight in the trunk of your vehicle.

December 04, 2012

Just in time for Christmas

How Lego made an 11-year old boy with Asperger syndrome very, very happy with a super kind gesture. James Groccia from Massachusetts had saved money for 2 years to get the Lego Emerald Night Train set, but when he finally had the money the train was no longer available. Well, you may imagine the rest of this story, but watch the video below. It teaches us that great customer service is the best marketing tool any company has.

December 03, 2012

A Holiday Carole visit

As you visit the Stella Artois website you may notice the beautiful Alice Eve on the home page but there she is simply referred to as Carole. If you give a few details to them she will actually come to visit a friend of your choice or yourself and deliver a holiday greeting. We were quite smitten when she decided to stop by our headquarters and deliver some cheer.

Here is Carole / Alice Eve

On the way to us

If sometime soon we find some beer at our doorstep because of this guerrilla marketing effort we would be quite happy, but hopefully that won't turn out to be just junk mail.

November 29, 2012

European Microsoft Surface action

The streets of Paris were recently covered with various Microsoft Surface guerrilla marketing efforts. But Microsoft did not stay only on the streets, they also went below to the Metro.

Via: Streetplanneur

November 21, 2012

Pop Pop ....

Pop Pop Bang is an artistic interpretation of guns, girls and explosives - the theme of B movies. This though is not a marketing effort for B movies, but rather a very nice self promotional piece by artists Thomas Brown and Anna Burns. Although we are sure that is not what it is meant for. NSFW

November 16, 2012

An unexpected briefing

An Air New Zealand Hobbit inspired air safety briefing video has quickly become a viral video hit. It was added to youtube on October 31st and is now approaching 10,000,000 views. That is certainly not bad for a video we typically try to avoid. Plus who would not want to visit New Zealand now?

November 12, 2012

Yummy bacon Halloween treats

Rashers in Toronto, Canada is the "Home of the Hogtown Sandwich" according to their own slogan and for Halloween they came up with a nice treat for folks out for trick or treating. Crispy, salty double smoked bacon in typical Halloween wrappers. Very clever. Plus now Rashers is on our "must visit" list when visiting that part of Canada.

November 11, 2012

Burt's Bees

An interesting Burt's Bees billboard used thousands of coupons for a unique Before & After demonstration of the hydrating effects of the all-new Intense Hydration line.  As consumers snagged the coupons and hopefully put them to good use, the dry and flaky skin "magically" went away. 

October 30, 2012

Tough fast glass

If you are not sure how tough and fast the glass of your business is you might want to call the folks at Glasjouren in Stockholm, Sweden and have that situation addressed.  The same is also true if you have just the slightest doubts about your security at home.  According to this nice spot the burglars may come in, but they won't leave apparently.  

October 26, 2012

Ikea 'playin'

'Playin' with your friends is a good thing whether you are a kid or an adult, and especially when it all takes place in fun rooms outfitted by Ikea.  The spot below is from Ikea UK and it is extremely well done, but enough with all this marketing stuff for now, we are off to go 'playin' with our friends.

October 22, 2012


A small steak house in Ekaterinburg, Russia used live cows to attract traffic to their place.  It isn't crazy or wild, but sometimes simple does it, and in this case, a cow in a bigger city might indeed be something outlandish.

October 01, 2012

Stop Motion Car Chase

Nitro Warriors is a very entertaining stop motion matchbox car chase filmed apparently completely on an iPhone.  Big kudos to Brenden Kent and Paul Greer of Vanguard Pictures for giving us 2.5 minutes of joy and a flashback to happy childhood moments.   We don't think this is a guerrilla marketing effort by Matchbox but it really should be.

September 26, 2012

New York City cab encounter

It is so easy for us to focus on our negative encounters, but it can be very refreshing to see the opposite side of that coin.  Casey Neistat recently left his luggage in a yellow cab, and the content of that bag was quite valuable - actually $13,238.86 to be precise.   But in the end it all worked out well and one could say that it coul be a nice marketing piece for NYC and the NYC yellow cabs.

September 24, 2012

Guerrilla Marketing or Art

This is a pretty nice installation in Breslau, Poland but it is not clear if it is art or guerrilla marketing, or a bit of both. At the very least it is a nice marketing effort for the artist who created this project.

Via: Rudi Schmidt

September 17, 2012

RESECOND Copenhagen

The second hand store RESECOND in Copenhagen is playing with some clever little stickers to promote their store. With the dress being the cutout, the color of the background gives it a nice pop. These dresses actually look very good and we're hoping that RESECOND won't get swarmed by customers demanding exactly those dresses.


September 12, 2012

Bike like a New Yorker

A new campaign has been launched in NYC to stay ahead of the likely upcoming bike share program debate. BikeNYC together with Transportation Alternatives is asking cyclists in the city to stand up for what they believe in. Good one.

September 07, 2012

Always First

The very nifty idea might from the Miami Ad School in Hamburg, Germany might not be a real guerrilla marketing stunt yet, but it certainly should be. But that truck sadly trying to catch up ought to be brown.

Via: AdsOfTheWorld

August 21, 2012

Beetle shark cage

As part of Discovery Channel's Shark Week a shark cage was built that looked like a VW Beetle. Surrounded by sharks marine biologist Luke Tipple actually got to drive on the ocean floor with this Beetle shark cage and that is very clever marketing.

August 16, 2012


MINI Coopers had some of the most fun and interesting marketing efforts over the last 7 years, and to say that they nailed it with this effort would be a bit strong, but it is cute nonetheless. A MINI Cooper made completely from nails.
Via: @MINI

August 15, 2012

Smoking kid

The Thai Health Promotion Foundation with the help of Ogilvy Thailand created a very stunning anti smoking spot, and because of the "smoking kids" involved it is actually quite tough to watch. But stay with it and watch it to the end.

July 27, 2012

Could be in your driveway

Pfaff Auto in Toronto came up a very nice guerrilla marketing effort in selected wealthy neighborhoods. They parked a nice Porsche in someone's driveway, snapped a pic of it there and then created a custom postcard for the homeowners so they could see what it would look like. An instant direct, and we mean DIRECT mail piece.

July 26, 2012

Just a dick away

Kerning isn't just around to make a layout prettier, but also to make it actually readable. Walmart though seems to have used kerning, or better said the lack thereof, for some brand guerrilla marketing. The picture below has been going around on Facebook and surely the good folks at Walmart must know that being just "a dick away" would prove to be social media popular. Very clever. :-)

July 23, 2012

Sentimental Axe

Not everything apparently needs to be shocking with Axe and this very sentimental spot with Kiefer Sutherland is a fine example of that.  That though brings up the question - who is your Susan Glenn?

July 18, 2012

Allstate Mayhem

It is quite interesting that Allstate has this long running Mayhem campaign featuring actor Dean Winters and using that "you're in good hands with Allstate" tagline.

Sadly though Allstate Mayhem visited us on Sunday when one of their insured failed to see our parked 2012 Ford Flex and hit it, pushing it about a full car length down the road and up the sidewalk. 

It turned out that as previously stated that the driver had Allstate insurance and we were relieved.  Allstate indeed quickly jumped on the case on Monday, sent us a claim number, set up the repair and offered a rental vehicle for the period.  But today we were notified by agent Adam Rosales from a California office that the agent who handled it initially was wrong, and while the driver was indeed Allstate insured, he was driving someone else's car and thus the owner of the car is responsible not the driver's insurance.  So we were told to return the rental car or have my insurance pay for it, and that we should only proceed with the ($3000) repair if we were willing to cover it.  "Sorry Mr Krabel."

We argued that they should have to deal with their own mistake, and that "We're sorry Mr Krabel" won't cut it, but that fell on deaf ears. So I guess We are not in good hands with Allstate."

Update / July 19:  It appears that the owner also has Allstate so now we are back at "yes we will cover it."  Thanks, and thanks for the headache.

Skoda Tortour

Not many brands will show ads which feature their products being tortured.   Not so with Skoda, they are proud of their cars withstanding the Tour de France torture.  Ouch and ouch, but very exciting.

July 13, 2012

Pizza, pizza

To attract employees of other agencies to join their team, Scholz and Friends in Germany sent special QR code pizzas to them.  Clever guerrilla marketing idea in principle but man that pizza looks very unappetizing.

July 03, 2012

Smart traffic drive

Canadian network CBC used a very clever game to drive big traffic to their website. They asked folks to vote on Olympians who might be the ideal flag bearer for Canada, and in 4 rounds of voting the field of 16 men and women was narrowed down to the final pairing of triathlete Simon Whitfield and mountain biker Catharine Pendrel.  This poll had no bearing on the official selection but people passionately voted for their favorite athletes and spread the word via Twitter, Facebook and forums.